The 50+ Most Dramatic Responses to Meghan McCain’s Funeral Comments

'What a fiasco — everyone is looking for attention even' at a serious family event

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During the eulogy she delivered for her father, Sen. John McCain, on Saturday in Washington, D.C., at the National Cathedral, Meghan McCain included some serious — if indirect — insults aimed at President Donald Trump.

And people reacted to her words, including this comment: “For God’s sake — bury the man already!”

And this comment: “What a fiasco. Everyone is looking for attention even at a funeral.”

There was no love lost between McCain and Trump over the years, as most people know. While some believed Meghan McCain’s eulogy was that of a grieving daughter fighting for the principles her father believed in, others felt she went way too far in her eulogy — and instead of paying tribute to her father, she used a national stage to settle old scores and lash out at he commander-in chief.

Read on, below, for 48 more strong reactions to Meghan McCain’s eulogy of her father, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.)

1.) “This was not a funeral. It was a left-wing hate fest orchestrated by John McCain and his daughter.”

2.) “The president is making people act how they would normally never act — everyone should just ignore the things they don’t like about him, and concentrate on using his policies to better their lives. Ignore the tweeting!”

3.) “I thank Meghan McCain and her father. They taught all of us how NOT to die. Petty, disgraceful and disrespectful on all sides. Notice McCain’s wife and sons didn’t act that way.”

4.) “The irony in all of this is that Sen. McCain was as human as anyone and he could be as crude and rude like everyone else. It doesn’t matter what President Trump said or didn’t say about Sen. McCain that defends anything Meghan said at her father’s funeral. Sen. McCain was not the gentle soul he was made out to be and he could be as terse and politically motivated as the next. It was inappropriate to talk politics at an eulogy and Meghan apparently stooped to the level she says she condemns.”

5.) “Give me a break. Without him she would be a NOTHING!”

6.) “She defended her father. I would have done the same.”

7.) “God bless our great President Trump! The best president ever!”

8.) “Trump wins for being more honorable than McCain’s family, Obama and Bush! Shameful to all those bashing the President! MAGA! Winner is Trump!”

9.) “This drawn-out funeral was over the top.”

10.) “Dude died, got buried. End of story. Isn’t there anything else newsworthy to report now?”

11.) “Trump authorized Air Force Two to transport McCain’s body to the Capitol with respect and honor and Mike Pence’s tribute speech was classy and dignified. Meanwhile, the week-long political funeral thrown by the D.C. Establishment for one of their own dissolved into an attack on Trump because he is president. Sad.”

12.) “Can we be done with this? Twice the time memorializing this man than the late President [John F.] Kennedy.”

13.) “All of this rancor could have been avoided if Meghan McCain had focused on her father and her relationship with him and not his political foe.”

14.) “Impeachment!”

“Try to be humble. Not act humble. Such disrespect to our [president] is so wrong!” 

15.) “Glad the bitter ol’ RINO is gone. His bitterness and jealousy was bad of the country.”

16.) “Don’t forget this: Trump gives McCain family permission to use Air Force Two. Then they bash him. Even though President Trump was banned from attending Sen. John McCain’s funeral, the president did the right thing and honored a request from the grieving McCain family.”

17.) “All at the expense of the good ole taxpayer. Wasteful even in death. Should we the people bill the family?”

18.) “I think bashing Trump at a funeral is very trashy, to say the least!”

19.) “The press made it about Trump. Bush, Obama and McCain’s daughter made it about Trump. Neither Trump nor McCain were without fault.”

20.) “I still love our president! No one will change my mind.”

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21.)The very best of this country was represented at John McCain’s funeral. Love of family, country, and a commitment to service. We are all on the same team, and we are all human. So much love to the McCain family, my beautiful friend  Meghan McCain made her dad so proud today.” 

22.)There’s a time and place for everything. Funerals and church are not the place for snide political remarks or snide remarks. Don’t invite the first daughter to hear that. It’s all about intention. It’s all about the deceased.”

23.)I’m sorry you lost your father. I lost my military father, too. He earned a military funeral with full honors. But he did not earn a presidential funeral! Try to be humble. Not act humble. Such disrespect to our [president] is so wrong!” 

24.)Grief of a daughter is natural and expected. Meghan was mean-spirited, crude, bitter and disrespectful. Meghan, ‘The View’ has not served you well.”

25.)Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are at Sen. McCain’s funeral as if it’s a social event. Those two are some sick and twisted individuals who live in La La Land with Donald Trump. They are absolutely disgusting. And they shouldn’t be there. It’s gross, pathetic and sad.”

26.)As far as the daughter, no matter what, she is daddy’s girl.”

27.) “When my father died, I never thought to make snide remarks about anyone, even those who did not get along with him. Petty hate trumped love in her remarks.”

28.) “Meghan McCain is a daughter in mourning, and I feel for her. However, her tasteless slam of our president ruined what should have been a moving eulogy. MAGA! ALWAYS!”

29.) “President Trump endlessly attacked and mocked Meghan McCain’s father as a senator, a Republican and his six years in captivity as a POW. It was her father’s funeral and she had every right to say whatever she wanted. I believe she said what any daughter would have said under such circumstances.”

30.) “So many hate-filled hearts at the funeral including John McCain, who died with a hate filled heart by deliberately excluding President Trump from his funeral. Trump is right: Make America Great Again.”

31.) “I am sorry that Sen. John McCain passed away, but he orchestrated a divisive funeral at the expense of taxpayers like me. The comments of Meghan McCain we detestable and abhorrent. How sickening and in SUCH POOR TASTE.”

32.)A funeral is never the place to discuss politics!”

33.) “Oh, I see! When Trump breaks mores and norms (daily) it’s just ‘Trump being Trump,’ and you can’t get enough of him, right? Everyone else please mind your manners?! The hypocrisy of Trump supporters is astounding.”

34.) “Nothing says I love America like I hate our president.”

35.) “I thought she went way over the top. Not the place for politics. Let the man be grieved and honored and move on.”

36.) “I didn’t like the negative tweets about Sen. John McCain after he died but after I read the final letter he wrote, which took shots at Trump and how he ‘views’ America today and heard Meghan McCain speak at the funeral … I was shocked.”

37.)Obviously he was not a forgiving person and I feel it really cheapened the McCain family to act this way. Funerals are about honoring the lives of those that have passed. This wasn’t a funeral but a circus.”

38.)  “I think bashing [President] Trump at a funeral is very trashy, to say the least.”

40.) “Meghan and her family are an entitled, arrogant, angry family who should be grateful for their life of privilege.”

41.) “It was not appropriate for a family member during a eulogy to take potshots at someone else — whether the target of that vitriol was the president of the United States or anyone else. You don’t inject bitterness and hatred into funeral proceedings! Why not just honor the deceased with dignity and reverence and leave the horrible things out?”

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42.) “While I am sorry for Meghan McCain’s grief over the loss of her father, I wonder if she will come to regret using that precious opportunity where she could’ve talked more about her dad as a husband, a father, and a man. Presidential administrations come and go, eventually, but honoring your parents at their funerals is a one-time deal.”

43.) “A shameful circus — that’s what McCain’s week-long, unending dirge was. I’m ashamed of his family for allowing this train wreck to happen in the name of partisan politics.”

44.) “[Sen. John McCain] screwed — deliberately and with malice aforethought — the American people with that final vote ‘no’ [against the repeal of Obamacare]. That is how we will remember that nasty, bitter bastard.”

45.) “Obviously the eulogy she delivered was her choice, but no parting shots were needed. A disguised putdown of the president was not necessary. The service should have celebrated her father’s life, not taken shots at the president.”

46.) “Even [George W.] Bush and [Barack] Obama managed to take shots at President Trump [at McCain’s funeral on Saturday]. That wasn’t the place. It was the place to celebrate a man’s life. What, they can’t control themselves even during a funeral service?”

47.) “Just shows why Meghan is on ‘The View.’ Not ready for prime time!”

48.) “They turned John McCain’s funeral into a President Trump’s bashing, and I can tell you, they helped our president. We are more determined to stand with President Trump and give him all the support we can. President Trump, we are going to drain the swamp and Make America Great Again.”

Oh — and here’s one more: “What in the world did she do that for? It was a funeral — not a political rally.”

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