Stephen Colbert Uses Kids for His Latest Anti-Trump Stunt

Leftist late-nighter springboards off new Bob Woodward book to take cheap swipes at the president — how low can he go?

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Late-night host Stephen Colbert is getting desperate in his attacks on President Donald Trump.

In the latest episode of his show, the comedian stooped to using kids to insult the commander-in-chief.

In the cold open of the late-night program, the theme song to the classic kids’ series “Reading Rainbow” is played — and then multiple young children are shown one by one praising the controversial new book “Fear: Trump in the White House” by Bob Woodward.

“When you grow up, do you want to be the president? Well, this book shows that anybody can do it. It’s called ‘Fear’ by Bob Woodward. In it, an ogre made of cheese runs the country without knowing anything about how to do it. It’s scary and funny and sad, all at the same time,” one child says.

Another kid suggests not reading the book before bedtime — otherwise people will have “nightmares.”

And on it goes, kid after kid.

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This Colbert segment illustrates yet again how truly desperate he is to use anything and everything to attack Trump. He’s even willing to drag kids down with him in his efforts.

As for Woodward’s book, multiple people within the administration who are referenced in the work have disputed its claims.

Gen. James Mattis released a public statement calling it the “product of someone’s rich imagination.”

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The book claims Mattis said the president had the understanding of a “fifth- or sixth-grader.”

Gen. John Kelly, whom the book alleges called the president an “idiot,” also released a public statement discounting the tales in Woodward’s book.

“The idea I ever called the president an idiot is not true,” he wrote. “In fact, it’s exactly the opposite.”

Trump has also taken to Twitter multiple times to blast Woodward’s work as “untrue,” “boring” and “total fiction.”

Things like this simply don’t matter to Colbert. The comedian is drowning in Trump Derangement Syndrome, and he’s starving for any validation of his beliefs, whether that validation is “true” or not.

And now his desperation is showing more than ever, thanks to his low move of using children to push the anti-Trump agenda on late-night TV. Why not give up the divisive politics and stick to comedy?

Check out the cold open in the video link below:

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