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Obama Calls Out ‘Bigots’ and ‘Fearmongers’ — with Zero Controversy

Former president made fiery campaign speech in Cleveland, made a pitch for citizens to get involved in the electoral process

Without naming names, former President Barack Obama railed against “demagogues,” “bigots,” and “fearmongers” during a fiery campaign speech on Thursday night in Cleveland, Ohio, as Mediaite reported.

He may not have mentioned names — but the ex-president did, at one point, reference “the person in the White House” in his remarks.

Speaking in support of Ohio Democratic gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, the former commander-in-chief slammed politicians who promote division and play off citizens’ worst fears.

“People are stressed,” Obama said. “And they’re anxious. And it seems that all the chatter and anger on television doesn’t match up to their lives. And it frays our civic trust. And it makes people feel that the game is rigged, and nobody’s looking out for them.”

“And historically, in those kinds of conditions,” he added, “that’s ripe for opportunists to try to exploit America’s history of division. Racial, ethnic, religious.”

The president also mentioned “bigots” and “fearmongers” who, he said, are attempting to exploit the current political divide.

“In a healthy democracy, when everybody’s participating, and paying attention, and listening, voting, people of good will in both parties, they call out bigots and fearmongers,” Obama said.

“And then they work to compromise. They work to get things done.”

The former president made his pitch for citizens to get involved in the electoral process, emphasizing, “When there’s a vacuum in our democracy, when we don’t vote, when we take our basic rights for granted, other voices fill the void. Demagogues get out there. They promise simple fixes to complicated problems.”

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In his speech at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on September 7 — an almost official public return to politics — the former president also leveled veiled comments at the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, noting “dark times.”

“We have been through much darker times than these, and somehow each generation of Americans carried us through to the other side,” he said. “Not by sitting around and waiting for something to happen, not by leaving it to others to do something, but by leading that movement for change themselves. And if you do that, if you get involved, and you get engaged, and you knock on some doors, and you talk with your friends, and you argue with your family members, and you change some minds, and you vote, something powerful happens.”

Watch Obama’s fiery comments in the video below.