‘Murphy Brown’ Star Says Show Was Rebooted Because Trump Became President

Candice Bergen told 'CBS This Morning' she'd be 'dancing in the streets' if Hillary Clinton won, and her program would have remained dead

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Add getting “Murphy Brown” back on the air to the list of President Donald Trump’s achievements.

CBS is set to premiere a reboot of the hit comedy, which ran from 1988 to 1998 on Thursday, and before even one episode has aired, the show has already been tied to the president.

Candice Bergen (shown above right), who plays lead character Murphy Brown on the show, appeared Wednesday on “CBS This Morning” and said that had Trump not won the 2016 presidential election, the reboot would not have occurred.

“We definitely wouldn’t have had the show because really we’d done the show and we’d done it as well, I think, as it had ever been done and we didn’t have a motivation to do it,” she said. “We didn’t really have the meat or a story. And then when the election happened, I mean, if Hillary [Clinton] had won, we would just be dancing in the streets. But I think in the current situation, it gives us a chance to make a response.”

On the original run of “Murphy Brown,” the show dove into its share of political and cultural issues. Most notably, Brown became a single mother on the show at 42 years old; the story decision earned criticism from then-Vice President Dan Quayle. He said the show was “mocking the importance of fathers by bearing a child alone and calling it just another ‘lifestyle choice.”’

This time around, “Murphy Brown” is bound to hit on many more sensitive subjects.

After all, the producers already have a planned episode called “#MurphyToo,” which will focus on the #MeToo movement and how different generations of Americans handle sexual harassment.

Back in August, the show’s creator, Dianne English, also said the series will be sympathetic toward the mainstream media.

“Our show has always been in the real world, but I’m focusing the show through the prism of the press,” she told reporters at the time. “The First Amendment is under attack like we’ve never seen it before.”

Despite the show’s controversial nature in its original run, one of the program’s co-stars, Faith Ford, who plays the role of Corky Sherwood, said the intention is not to attack Trump.

“Our show has always been in the real world, but I’m focusing the show through the prism of the press. The First Amendment is under attack like we’ve never seen it before.”

“We’re staying on point with issues. I mean, there really are a lot of issues going on that were going on then, and they’re still going on,” she told “CBS This Morning.”

“We’re still dealing with them every week, and that’s predominantly what our show’s about.”

Check out the full “CBS This Morning” interview below:

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