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Meghan McCain’s Beautiful Eulogy to Her Father Will Put Tears in Your Eyes

Arizona's senior senator was loved by his daughter with a devotion and intensity rarely seen in American public life

It’s not often that people in public life allow us to see their true heart.

It’s a sometimes perilous thing to do, as the responses all too often prove to be exceedingly painful, unjust or hurtful.

Or all three of those.

But on Saturday at Washington National Cathedral in D.C., a tearful, often sobbing, Meghan McCain stood before America on live TV and bared the kind of loving, aching heart that only a daughter can have for the father she worshipped.

If you did not watch this eulogy to Sen. John McCain as his daughter delivered it on Saturday morning, be advised it is difficult to view without her pain bringing forth tears rolling down your own cheeks.

Check out the video right here for the full eulogy from a grieving daughter: