Feminists Attack Ashley Kavanaugh Even as They Declare, ‘Believe All Women’

Senseless hypocrisy appears to be at work here — defend only those who share your liberal views

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It might be predictable, but it’s still shocking when it happens: Feminists who plead for all women to be believed, no matter what the circumstances, don’t really mean it — that is, if the woman in question is saying something that doesn’t jibe with their particular political beliefs.

Just one day after a nationwide protest called on men to “believe all women” — particularly senators tasked with assessing Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s suitability to serve on the nation’s highest court, as The Daily Wire noted — feminists and their allies viciously attacked Kavanaugh’s wife, Ashley (pictured above, with her husband) who appeared alongside him Monday night in a Fox News interview.

“The hypocrisy is so rich, and it hurts all women — to not only be cruel toward another woman, but also to not even possess common sense,” a Baltimore-area woman, 54, told LifeZette. “It’s shocking to me how feminists will sell their souls to protect their ‘allies,’ while having no qualms about trashing a woman who may not share their particular values. I am so proud of the president for supporting his nominee.”

Another Maryland woman from Columbia, a mother and grandmother, age 79, shared her opinion after reading some of the tweets from enraged feminists.

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“Anyone accused of a horrible act and found guilty without a trial is blessed to have loyal friends and family, as Kavanaugh undoubtedly has,” she told LifeZette. “You can’t punish a crime you can’t prove; Ashley Kavanaugh’s husband has been found guilty without a trial, and this must be the most painful situation a wife and mother can go through.”

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Here are some tweets that castigate the SCOTUS nominee’s wife:

One commenter posted, “It’s their choice. He could drop out, not get the new job. Don’t think for one second the ball isn’t completely in their hands. Ashley Kavanaugh chooses to stand in ignorance, loyalty, whiteness by her predator man. They are NOT victims.”

Another tweeted, “Know what’s also very difficult, Ashley Kavanaugh? Being raped.”

Yet another commented, “Ashley Kavanaugh says it has been ‘incredibly difficult.’ Has she given any thought to what #Kavanaugh’s victims have gone through? I do feel bad for Ashley and her children. It must be horrible to realize you’re married to a serial sexual assaulter.”

“Brett Kavanaugh has already been convicted in social media kangaroo court, so feminists who purport to ‘believe all women’ while excoriating and bullying those backing Brett Kavanaugh is to be expected,” said The Daily Wire, which noted that a “more interesting phenomenon” occurred when mainstream media outlets accused Ashley Kavanaugh of “standing by her man” — a reference accusing Ashley Kavanaugh of using a Hillary Clinton strategy.

The Washington Post ran this headline: “Ashley Estes Kavanaugh Revives Old-Fashioned Script in Newfangled Era.”

Does this mean liberals are finally admitting that Bill Clinton was guilty — or is it just a way to further excoriate a wife and mother who prizes loyalty, something that feminists might decry as incredibly dated?

See the Kavanaughs speak out on Fox News in the video below.

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