Death Threats and Missed Deadlines: Kavanaugh Accuser Case Takes Ugly Twists and Turns

Supreme Court nominee's wife has received awful messages, as has Christine Blasey Ford — readers hold back nothing

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The family of Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, reportedly has been the target of threats.

The nominee’s wife, Ashley Kavanaugh, apparently received a number of threatening emails at work this past week, according to both CNN and The Wall Street Journal.

One of the attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford also told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Ford, too, has received threats.

Debra Katz said Thursday that her client would testify before senators, but only if certain conditions were met — and those included safety measures.

“As you are aware, she has been receiving death threats, which have been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and she and her family have been forced out of their home,” Katz wrote in an email obtained by USA Today.

“She wishes to testify, provided that we can agree on terms that are fair and which ensure her safety.”

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The terms of the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, a California psychologist — including the location, the timing, the teams involved — are still being negotiated on Saturday.

The latest deadline is not yet precisely clear, but Ford and her attorneys had requested that a 10 p.m. EST Friday deadline be extended until Saturday.

As Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) tweeted out on Friday night — using abbreviations and shorthand as he often does in his tweets, “Five times now we hv granted extension for Dr Ford to decide if she wants to proceed w her desire stated one wk ago that she wants to tell senate her story,” he said. “Dr Ford if u changed ur mind say so so we can move on I want to hear ur testimony. Come to us or we to u.”

He also wrote this late on Friday night:

Readers on social media have been sharing their fervent opinions on both sides of this issue.

Here’s a selection — hold onto your hat:

“Vote on Monday. She [Christine Blasey Ford] has had 36 years to master her lie.”

“Why does everything have to be a circus with [the Democrats]? If this lady REALLY has a story to tell, why has she delayed??? She should be eager, willing, and has been given the chance. Her ‘coaches’ are game players.”

“I wish the Republicans would grow a backbone and just vote. She and her lawyers are stalling and it’s BS giving all these conditions. Judge Kavanaugh has the right to face his accuser face-to-face and hear her accusations against him.”

“Men are believed. Women are not.”

“Just doing everything she can to hold things up. I don’t believe she has anything to tell anyway. Totally fabricated.”

“Enough is enough. Judge Kavanaugh deserves as much respect as this person does. He has been firm and steadfast from the beginning, not wishy-washy like this mess.”

“If an allegation has been made, have it investigated properly — not by politicians with an agenda, but by properly trained investigators trained in sexual offenses. This should not be aired in public and the nomination should be put on hold until the investigation is complete.”

“I wish people would wake up. This is a stall tactic. She’s a liar. Someone is paying her lots of money to do this. Why does she care about Kavanaugh? She’s set money-wise for the rest of her life. She’ll relocate maybe to another country — who knows what’s ahead for her. Her part was to throw a dagger into this confirmation, and she did, for now.”

“Nobody should be referring to her as a victim and him as a perpetrator until we hear from both of them under oath, subject to cross-examination. There is nothing more essential to American justice than the opportunity to cross-examine your accuser, to confront your accuser.”

“Stop giving her more time! You offered once, twice!”

“She’s just a woman and these old white men just don’t get it. Time to boot the lot of them out. That day is coming.”

“Wrap this circus up, Grassley, no more delays. Playing right into the hands of the disgraceful Democrats and their transparent sham.”

And then there are these tweets:

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