Ana Navarro: Allegations Will Be ‘Black Cloud’ Over Kavanaugh; ‘This Will Be in His Obituary’

The pundit couldn't resist these and other dramatic statements during a red-hot CNN panel segment

Strategist and pundit Ana Navarro and former Trump campaign operative Steve Cortez joined CNN’s Chris Cuomo for “The Great Debate” segment of his “Cuomo Prime Time” show to discuss whether or not the FBI should investigate Christine Blasey Ford’s claims of sexual assault against SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh — and who should request the investigation.

And the rhetoric began flying almost immediately.

“Look, I think, I think Judge Kavanaugh should ask the FBI for an investigation because I think it’s as important for Judge Kavanaugh to clear his name, if this is not true, as it is for us to know if it’s true or not,” said Navarro (pictured above left) .

“It is important for Dr. Ford,” she continued.

“To me, the idea of having a Supreme Court justice that a large swath of the country thinks is morally unfit to be sitting on the Supreme Court, a lifetime appointment that does not stand for election, that has no term limits, that has no retirement age or — no Supreme Court justice has ever been impeached — should have the highest, highest, highest standard, moral standard, character standard.”

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She added, “And I, you know, I think it’s awful that there might be a Supreme Court justice with this cloud hanging over his head. It should be Judge Kavanaugh, in his interest, if he is so adamant and so convinced and he knows in his heart that he didn’t do it — it should be him asking for his name to be cleared.”

She went on, “If that doesn’t happen, I hope Dr. Ford does testify because it’s really the only next step, if there is no FBI investigation, for America to get to hear what happened and make a decision.”

After more discussion, host Cuomo said, “I think Judge Kavanaugh, what he can do, is request that from the president, and the president would comply.”

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Steve Cortez (pictured above right) said, “Look, Judge Kavanaugh is going to become Justice Kavanaugh, and I think it’s in his interest, in the personal, and in the professional and institutional interests of the Supreme Court, to try as best he can to clear this cloud away, and one way to do that would be — a very expedited — you know, this can’t drag on. It can’t be a delay tactic where the Democrats are trying to punt this past the election, but a serious but quick FBI examination, I think would certainly be in the interests of everybody.”

He added, “Let’s remember they [the Democrats] had this information, at least Dianne Feinstein did, many, many weeks ago.”

“This issue is going to be a huge black cloud on top of Judge Kavanaugh’s career for the rest of his life.”

Cortez pointed out during the heated discussion that Feinstein had had a private meeting with Kavanaugh, and she could have shared the information with the high court nominee at that point.

After more discussion, Navarro said, “This issue is going to be a huge black cloud on top of Judge Kavanaugh’s career for the rest of his life. It is going to be in his obituary — the fact that this allegation came through.”

See the whole discussion in the video below.

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