America Is Having a Big Comeback — So Is Tiger Woods

Legendary golfer's rise to the top is incredibly similar to country's booming economy, thanks to President Trump

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The United States economy is booming — and so is the career of Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods.

He’s got game again — including an extremely impressive PGA victory last week at East Lake, Atlanta — something that most people, including most professional sports analysts, thought inconceivable only a year ago.

This is similar to how most mainstream political analysts couldn’t conceive of the economy’s making a comeback as recently as two years ago.

Tiger’s comeback parallels America’s. Neither was expected — but both are more than welcome. Never forget that prominent members of the media rooted against both comebacks. Many wanted failure for both Tiger and America.

It was just a few years ago that then-President Barack Obama was sonorously suggesting Americans accept a diminished future — and the United States as a permanently has-been country. Forget being a champion again and accept mediocrity. We should lead from behind.

Obama called this “the new normal.”

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Thankfully — especially for the millions of people who are working again — it no longer is.

Donald Trump refused to accept the former president’s defeatist attitude, and two years later, here we are. The inconceivable (to some) has become the actual. Not only is unemployment at a record low — just 3.9 percent as of late September — but economic growth is twice as high as when Obama promoted his “new normal.”

Even the formerly high black unemployment rate is at its lowest ebb — just 5.9 percent as of this summer — since 1972.

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America is on track to become a net exporter of oil within just a few years and is already effectively 90 percent energy-independent. Domestic production has almost doubled from about 5.1 million barrels to more than 9 million — so much for “peak oil.” Manufacturing is humming; business is booming. Workers are working.

Tiger’s story is just as remarkable. Pause and remember that his body — and his spirit — appeared broken just a year ago. He was awash in scandal, to top it all off.

It was just a few years ago that he was barely even ranked as a professional golf player. At his lowest point, he had fallen to 1,199th in the world — barely a blip on the PGA screen. This was quite a shock since this was Tiger Woods, winner of 14 major championships and one of the most popular athletes of the 21st century.

He was the winner of all four major golf championships — something only five other golfers have ever achieved — and the youngest pro golfer ever to achieve that distinction. No one else in the history of the sport has spent as many consecutive or cumulative weeks at the top of the pro golf world rankings — or won 80 PGA Tour events.

He dominated his sport, and he did it before he was 40.

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But then came the crash and a fall from grace as well as the PGA rankings. It was as precipitous a fall as his rise was meteoric. Almost everyone thought his career was over and that, at best, we’d see a washed-up, has-been Tiger on reality television shows such as “Dancing with the Stars.”

Almost everyone counted out the willpower of this exceptional man, who rebuilt his badly broken body — and appears to have repaired his broken life.

On the green last week, Tiger looked like the old Tiger. Not the tabloid Tiger. He seemed young again — and full of life. It wasn’t just looks, either. He beat 18 of the world’s best golfers, many of them younger than he is now.

It was his biggest victory since 2008 — and not his only win. As of late September, Tiger ranked second in the PGA — and so far this year, he has participated in 18 tournaments. He is now far from a blip on the screen.

And it wasn’t just his game that was back. His famous smile — the one that helped make him a star — returned, too. It was as much a manifestation of his reborn confidence as his resurrected swing. Tiger was making Tiger great again. His victory was not just good for the sport of golf; it was emblematic for all those seeking redemption.

Thousands of fans were there to see it — and cheer for it.

President Donald Trump has been one of those cheering fans. The president clearly admires Woods for both his achievements as a golfer and his obvious love for his country — which he expressed recently by refusing to give in to leftist pressure by bashing the president or the presidency.

“Tiger is playing great,” the president tweeted after Woods’ victory in Atlanta. “Looks like a big win could happen. Very exciting.”

And it was. Not unlike the president’s in 2016. Not unlike America’s current economy.

Trump and Woods — an American lion and an American Tiger.

To see Woods talk about his recent comeback, check out the video below:

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