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Seth Rogen Show Insults Trump Supporters in a Really Awful Way

AMC's 'Preacher' actually carved out time in its latest episode to imply that conservatives are all Nazis

When Seth Rogen first broke onto the entertainment scene with hits like “Superbad” and “Pineapple Express,” it was hard not to like him.

He was crass and vulgar — but he was also writing and performing material that was incredibly relatable.

He was one of a handful of lost teens looking for a place to belong in “Freaks and Geeks.”

He was a man-child forced to grow up and become a father in “Knocked Up.”

And “Superbad” and “Express” gave Rogen the chance to show off his own writing to the world. Both films, at their core, were about friendship and being true to oneself.

Well, that nuanced Rogen is long gone. The filmmaker, now 36, has become just another Hollywood A-lister making sure to always push whatever leftist topic is trending, through both his public appearances and his work.

His output has suffered because of this. A few people may have enjoyed projects such as “The Green Hornet” and “The Guilt Trip,” but these were far from funny and far from relatable.

One of Rogen’s current works — behind the camera — is AMC’s “Preacher.” The comic book adaptation is a zany adventure about a preacher who is trying to find God in the most vulgar ways possible.

It’s currently in its third season — and its latest episode made sure to take a moment to insult supporters of President Donald Trump and to imply that they are Nazis.

For a scene that included a small group of armed Nazis, the camera panned across the faces — and showed that one of the Nazis was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

People like Rogen are attaching themselves to programs that take lazy shots at a good portion of the country.

How clever.

How original.

How sad.

One of the worst parts about Hollywood’s seemingly collective Trump Derangement Syndrome is the serious effect on entertainment today.

People like Rogen who were once funny now are not telling stories about real people and struggles, but rather are attaching themselves to on-the-nose programs that waste time by taking lazy shots at a good portion of the country.

To see Rogen insult conservatives and the Trump family some more, check out this recent interview he did with fellow leftist Stephen Colbert: