Rosie O’Donnell Continues to Be Trump’s Most Unstable Critic

She's 'gone into full conspiracy theory mode,' as 'The Ingraham Angle' pointed out about the leftist comedian

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There has never been any love lost between President Donald Trump and comedian Rosie O’Donnell. Since he took office, however, O’Donnell’s vitriolic rants have featured an increasingly disturbing twinge.

The most recent iteration of 56-year-old O’Donnell’s hatred took musical form when she and some Broadway cronies held what was essentially a summer singalong in front of a POTUS-free White House on Monday night (the president was in Bedminster, New Jersey, at the time of that protest).

“Rosie O’Donnell has gone into full conspiracy theory mode with regard to President Trump,” said Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Tuesday night on “The Ingraham Angle,” about the Rosie-led protest.

O’Donnell recently expounded in a CNN interview with Chris Cuomo on her firm belief that Russia must have manipulated votes in the 2016 election — since “every single exit poll and every person in America knew for sure that Hillary Clinton was gonna win.”

Rosie, apparently, places no stock in the FBI’s assessment of this.

“I believe Trump is loathed in America, that people are embarrassed and ashamed of who he is,” she continued.

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“I don’t believe the economy is thriving with the metrics you guys are using,” she said, indicating, wrongly, that the average American has not benefited monetarily under the current administration. In Rosie’s math, only the rich — like her — have seen boosts in their paychecks.

Then things really went off the rails.

“He’s not only bad because he’s a liar. He’s bad because he doesn’t know how to inspire people,” she said.

When host Chris Cuomo pushed back on that ridiculous statement, bringing up the huge numbers that turn up for Trump rallies, Rosie’s nutty answer was, “People are paid, Chris. You know that. People were paid since he went down on the escalator. He pays people to show up at those rallies.”

She actually said that on CNN.

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Cuomo, in his defense, didn’t let that claim stand.

He told O’Donnell he didn’t agree. “Rosie, I’ve seen them. He gets big groups of people that come out. He gives themes that resonate, whether they’re positive or not,” the host said.

Rosie didn’t take well to the reality check. She stuck with her contention that thousands of rally attendees are secretly paid for their support.

“Those are not real rallies,” she said, alleging that some sort of imaginary “tangible evidence” exists showing that Trump’s supporters are hired “extras.”

“I’m not gonna say ‘they’re all bought off,’ ‘they’re all fake,’ because I think that’s BS. I don’t think it’s true. And I’m not gonna play to it just because it’s satisfying,” Cuomo told his guest, who was clearly so steeped in her own conspiracy theories that she was unable to connect with reality.

“I guess those were all cardboard cutouts in Rosieland,” Ingraham joked, referring to the crowd of 70,000-plus at the Mobile, Alabama, rally in August of 2015.

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee joined Ingraham on her show to offer his take on O’Donnell’s latest ravings.

“I thought Rosie had moved to Canada,” Huckabee joked, referring to O’Donnell’s threat to move to Canada if Trump won the election.

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“It’s absurd to say that those people are paid,” said Huckabee. “Those people just happen to love their country.”

He added, “This is the rantings of a seven-year-old who got defeated playing baseball and decided, ‘We’re just gonna overturn the game,’ rather than just learn to play the game a little better next time.”

The spreading of conspiracy theories and sad singalong protests outside the White House are not O’Donnell’s first embarrassing moves in the world of politics.

Just a few months ago, apparently in repeated, nighttime fits of anti-Trump fervor, O’Donnell found herself in a spot of trouble for having donated above the legal limit to assorted political campaigns. She reportedly used variations of her name and multiple addresses, resulting in the overage.

She said, “My anxiety if quelled by donating to those opposing Trump [and] his agenda — especially at night — when most of [the donations] were placed.”

Over at MSNBC on Monday, O’Donnell said the president should be impeached. “He should not be president and I don’t believe that he’s a legitimate president … I’m sickened by Congress that doesn’t call for articles of impeachment when we have so much evidence of his horrible high crimes and misdemeanors,” she said.

The comedian’s worst criticism of the president, though, came when she decided to cyberbully Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump. O’Donnell suggested shortly after Trump’s 2016 victory that the then-10-year-old Barron had autism.

She spread the conspiracy theory that Trump was hiding his son’s condition. She later apologized for the wild claim — but her recent behavior shows she clearly hasn’t learned much since the incident.

Michele Blood is a Flemington, New Jersey-based freelance writer and a regular contributor to LifeZette.

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