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President Trump Stops Motorcade — Gets Out to Personally Thank Group of Firefighters

To their disbelief and delight, the commander-in-chief shook hands and posed for pictures with these brave public servants

President Donald Trump recently stopped his motorcade and exited his limousine for a very important reason: He wanted to thank and shake hands with a group of very surprised and appreciative firefighters.

In a now-viral video of his decision to change plans for his motorcade in order to meet these heroes, the presidential motorcade suddenly stopped — and two Secret Service agents from another vehicle walked up to the window of Trump’s car, seemingly to make a quick plan for his unscheduled meet and greet.

One firefighter who had been filming the motorcade as it was about to pass by could be heard saying, “No, he’s not” — then he laughed in disbelief.

Trump climbed out and walked toward the firefighters.

“Thank you, men, thank you,” Trump said as he shook their hands, making sure to greet each one.

The firefighter filming the impromptu encounter exclaimed, “That’s awesome!”

Naturally, naysayers immediately jumped on the president’s kind act, saying it was “staged.”

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The firefighter who filmed the president posted on Twitter Sunday, “Hi I was the fireman with the body cam that captured the video, it was not staged at all, we were not expecting him to do it at all — we were even told that he won’t be stopping at all to see us, but as his limo was pulling in he was banging on the glass for the driver to stop.”

“It didn’t look staged. Congratulations for the video and the honor. It looked like a very human moment from President Trump, and it’s too bad that folks can’t just see that,” wrote one commenter.

In the video, Trump also gathered the firefighters together for a group photo — and gave the thumbs up.

The Twitter post that showed the president’s appreciation of these heroes went viral this past weekend after it was posted Saturday afternoon — and it’s so far garnered over 1 million views and over 10,000 retweets.

Check out the remarkable video of a very human and very unusual moment in politics: