President Regularly Reads These ‘Prayer Cards’ from Everyday Americans

Commander-in-chief reportedly said of the heartfelt and hand-delivered messages from the faithful, 'We use these'

Image Credit: CBN News

Americans of faith are having an impact at the White House.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence regularly read the prayer cards (shown in the photo above) that everyday Americans write on small index cards — with an aim of encouraging our nation’s political leaders by letting them know people are praying for them as they do the work of the country.

This all started when Tracy Bost, the wife of Rep. Mike Bost (R-Ill.), attended the 2017 GOP retreat in Philadelphia.

“There was so much protest going on and so much anger and just pure ugliness,” Tracy Bost told Christian Broadcast Network (CBN).

“I just kept praying, ‘God, what can I do? What can I do?'” she remembered. “The prayer card came to mind … We could just have people in my life, friends and family members, send a little prayer of encouragement to the president.”

Bost set up a post office box for people in her district to send prayers to the president. She recalled how she was hesitant to check the mail, fearing no one would send anything. But to her surprise and delight, hundreds of prayers began pouring in.

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“That was really a blessing to me, and then I knew that God was doing something bigger than I ever imagined,” she said.

Her husband asked a White House liaison to deliver the prayer cards to President Trump. A couple of months later, Mike Bost found out that they had indeed been delivered — and were making an impact — when he and a few other lawmakers gathered in the Oval Office for a bill signing.

“The president looks at me and goes, ‘Bost. Bost,'” he told CBN. “He said, ‘Prayer cards!’ and I said, ‘Yeah, Mr. President. My wife did that and circulated prayer cards.’ And he said, ‘We use those.’ And I said, ‘Good I’m so glad, that’s wonderful.”

The president then asked an aide to get the bag of cards off a shelf for a photo.

“He said, ‘Understand, we use these,’ and I turned and when I turned, I ran — honest to goodness, chest-to-chest — [into] the vice president and he goes, ‘Mike, he’s not joking, we use these,'” continued Bost. “‘They’ll be times we say OK, and we reach out and we grab them. It’s amazing that people are willing to put these together.'”

Tracy Bost was elated to learn that President Trump was reading the prayer cards.

“I cried and I still get emotional about it,” she said. “I’m thankful that every day he gets to put his hand in that bag and I know the right card for that day is the one he puts in his hand.”

Cassandra Ortiz, who now helps collect the prayer cards through Frontline Family Ministries, told CBN News she was worried at first because she didn’t know about Trump’s personal faith.

“To know that the Word of God is being spoken, it’s being taught, it’s being reflected on, it’s being meditated on in the White House — it’s just a huge encouragement to know that God is working and God is moving in the White House,” Ortiz said.

“So many people — we don’t want to be the silent Christians. We don’t want to be the ones that see the issue, complain about the issue, and then don’t do anything about it,” continued Ortiz.

Rep. Bost said faith is a big part of each day for many in the nation’s Capitol. “There’s never a day, never a morning … that there’s not at least one or two Bible studies or prayer groups that meet,” he told CBN News.

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The Bosts deliver about 100 prayer cards each month to the White House, and now collect them from all over the country (learn where to send yours here).

Tracy Bost encourages people not just to write prayers to the president, but also to the vice president, the first lady, or any other leader God directs a person to keep in mind.

See the Bosts talk about the prayer cards in the video below.

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