Portland Police Chief to Reporters: Why Isn’t Antifa Ever Held Accountable for Their Actions?

Great question — and in remarks to the media, this law enforcement pro made clear her daily intent

Image Credit: Screenshots, YouTube

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw (shown above left) called out the group Antifa for its violent actions recently — and she vowed to keep her city safe from all who choose to threaten it, no matter their personal views.

Since Antifa was attacking far-Right protesters — some of whom were allegedly white supremacists — at a Portland rally back on August 4, it seemed that the behavior of this group (including attacking people physically and ignoring police) was somehow “beyond reproach,” at least in the eyes of the liberal mainstream media.

So the police chief found herself under attack for showing “bias” in terms of police confrontations when tensions erupted between far-Right Patriot Prayer and Antifa.

And she came back swinging, mincing no words: Breaking the law is breaking the law in her city.

“I personally saw, whether they were fireworks, M-80s, explosives — I saw those being set off by the anti-racist groups,” Outlaw told OPB of the dangerous rally. “The projectiles — pieces of cement that are large as grapefruit, pieces of brick, broken glass bottles — all of that was not coming from the Patriot Prayer side at that time.”

At a press event after the rally, she also noted, about her department’s supposed bias, “I think it’s ridiculous for any one person to think that I would favor someone who is supposedly associated — or would allow white supremacists to be a part of their group — it’s just ridiculous for me to favor anyone that intentionally comes to bring physical harm.”

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“Where’s the accountability for people that come with the intent to harm, destroy, and to tear things up, and to actually come and physically fight other people?” she countered. “And then we are called to break it up, and say, ‘We don’t want anything to happen.’ If one side gets the shorter end of the stick for whatever reason, then we’re accused of not protecting one side or the other.”

Outlaw also responded to OPB’s interviewer Dave Miller when he said, “It seems some people say that police are defending far-Right groups and cracking down on anti-fascist groups.”

She responded, “I think that’s ridiculous. We are neutral. Regardless, let me tell you flat-out, I don’t favor anyone who supposedly favors white supremacists, and I don’t favor anyone who comes to bring violence and physical harm to any person or place or property. Because of that, we have to remain neutral. We are there to ensure safety for everyone involved. We don’t get to pick sides.”

The journalist then asked, “But why does it seem that when police are shooting off flash-bang grenades or running into crowds with batons, that more often than not it’s the Antifa group, or various versions of counterprotesters, that are the recipients of police use of force?”

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“We focus our attentions on behaviors,” the police chief replied. “When you see people coming, with the intent, after we’ve given the order to disperse, those who remained, usually what we see is a large amount of people peel off after we give dispersal orders. But people remained — which shows us they had the intent to be there to cause harm.”

See the chief’s firm and clear remarks in the video below.

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