MSNBC Panel Explodes After Liberal Confronts Candace Owens: ‘Narcissistic Self-Promotion!’

'Bless your heart, little girl,' Michael Eric Dyson actually said to a fellow commentator as tempers flared on-set Tuesday night

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MSNBC hosted conservative commentator Candace Owens (shown above left) on “The Beat with Ari Melber” after Antifa activists accosted her at a diner in Philadelphia on Monday — and the Tuesday night segment quickly devolved into one of insults.

Owens, the communications director for Turning Point USA, was trying to grab a bite to eat Monday with the group’s founder, Charlie Kirk, when the left-wing mob confronted and screamed at them.

“To be clear: ANTIFA, an all-white fascist organization, just grew violent and attacked an all-black and Hispanic police force,” she wrote on Twitter, with a video showing the altercation.

“Because I, a BLACK woman, was eating breakfast,” she continued. “Is this the civil rights era all over again?”

MSNBC subsequently invited Owens to debate her response to the verbal attack with the network’s political analyst, Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson (shown above right).

The conversation escalated — and Dyson actually called her “a little girl.”

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“I am a black conservative and I am not hearing anything said about the fact that about 25 white Democrats assembled to kick me out of a restaurant yesterday to throw water and to throw eggs at me because I’m a conservative that supports Donald Trump,” Owens charged during the segment.

“How is it plausible, Professor, that you allow this to happen to your community because you decided that because we’re ideological conservatives, you are OK with this?” she added.

“I haven’t said a word … I said nothing about you,” Dyson responded.

“I don’t want to have to talk over people, but we have to go back and forth,” moderator Ari Melber (shown above center) interjected.

“We’re going to have to take a pause there. Couple things. You’re making a personal attack on the other guest,” Melber then said to Owens.

Dyson retorted, “I did not point these people toward you. I think it’s reprehensible that any human being is put out of a particular establishment because of her ideology.”

“I think that that’s problematic,” he then added. “I did not suggest that. Number two, yeah, you are black and I am black, but that doesn’t mean that automatically we agree on everything.”

That was an understatement — the segment totally shot off the rails at the end.

“You have come on here and, like Donald Trump, reduced everything to narcissistic self-preoccupation,” Dyson charged.

“You’re using big words, and saying nothing,” Owens retorted. “I have said nothing narcissistic. I’m talking about Trump. A narcissist looks at themselves and you are obsessed with yourself.”

“We’re out of time,” Ari Melber intervened.

“Bless your heart, little girl,” Dyson said, slinging a parting arrow before the break.

He later apologized for the demeaning and misogynistic comment.

“There is no justification for my addressing Ms. Owens as ‘little girl’ at the end of the segment. I offer @RealCandaceO my sincere and public apology. And I hope that this did not distract viewers from the valid arguments I made,” Dyson wrote.

Owens apparently accepted his apology, replying via Twitter, “This is really classy. I was going to reach out via email. I think the segment started off great and we likely have much more in common than news stations would like us to. Would love to buy you coffee professor, please DM me. X”

Watch the video of their heated exchange:

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