MSNBC Anchors Can’t Believe Trump Backers Vote Economy, Jobs

Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi were gobsmacked that POTUS has retained support among Republicans who value 'more money in my pocket,' pro-life issues and 2nd Amendment

Image Credit: Screenshot, MSNBC / Brandon Stivers, Shutterstock.com

MSNBC anchors Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi simply could not believe President Donald Trump’s loyal supporters “vote selfishly” for an economy that will give them “more money” and “fascinating” that they vote for pro-life and Second Amendment protections.

“A lot of people vote pretty selfishly, and they say, ‘What’s going to give me more money in my pocket?'” Ruhle (pictured above right) lamented Thursday on “MSNBC Live with Velshi and Ruhle.”

Velshi added, “Or, ‘What’s going to make abortion illegal? Or what’s going to make sure that my Second Amendment rights stay the same?’ And clearly, that adds up to enough people that the president still has something akin to 40 percent of the electorate in polls.”

Sure enough, Trump’s approval rating remained almost unchanged following a week brimming with bad news for his former personal lawyer and former presidential campaign manager, according to back-to-back NBC News/Wall Street Journal surveys released Sunday.

The two surveys were taken in the days just before and after former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen struck a plea deal and former campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted on eight of 18 counts on August 21.

The first poll found that 46 percent of American voters approved of Trump’s presidential performance while 51 percent disapproved. The follow-up poll found that 44 percent of American voters approved while 52 percent disapproved.

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Although mainstream media members and the president’s regular critics immediately pounced on the Cohen-Manafort news as proof that Trump was heading closer to impeachment proceedings, Trump’s popularity remained virtually unchanged, much to Ruhle’s and Velshi’s chagrin.

Velshi admitted during the segment with guest Tom Steyer, a liberal activist and billionaire, that these kind of results were “kind of fascinating to us.”

Steyer insisted that Trump supporters were foolish to rejoice in the economy and job market under Trump’s presidency, citing inflation increases while bashing the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Congress passed in December.

“So when people talk about a successful economy and that things are good, actually for about 80 percent of Americans, this isn’t working at all. Things are actually worse,” Steyer claimed.

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Ruhle chimed in, saying on behalf of herself and Velshi, “We agree with you.”

“Then I find it puzzling when you look at small and large business sentiment. They’re up. Consumer confidence is up. Why is that, despite the facts you just outlined?” a mystified Ruhle asked Steyer.

Steyer speculated, “In terms of business confidence, my underlying thesis of what’s going on is there has been a corporate takeover of our democracy. And as a result, business is having its way. It got a huge tax cut, and people associated with big corporations got a tax cut.”

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