Leftist Director Thinks Trump Won’t Make It Through His First Term

One of the president's harshest Hollywood critics jumped on MSNBC this week to predict the country will need a new leader soon

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Leftist director Rob Reiner does not think President Donald Trump will make it through his first term.

During an appearance Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews,” Reiner reacted to the news of Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleading guilty to campaign contribution violations and fraud — and also to the news that the president’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was found guilty of tax fraud.

“Remember back to Watergate — it is pretty much parallel to what you are seeing now, little tiny whispers here and there. You have got a Corker or a Flake, a couple of people talking but nobody making the move,” Reiner said pompously. “Until the tapes came out, then you saw the flip, a complete flip — and it took a long time. Took almost two years and you have got to remember that even when Nixon [was] presented with the tapes and resigned [from] office, he left office with about a 25 percent, 26 percent approval rating.”

The “Stand by Me” director then added, “I think you will always see that group behind Trump. So you are never going to penetrate that. The thing that is going to get the Republicans nervous is if the Democrats take back the House and take it back in a significant way — I am talking about 40, 50, 60 seats. They are going to really start [to] get nervous.”

He continued, “Because then the Democrats will have subpoena power, start having hearings, and a lot of these Republicans will start to move. And then Mueller’s report comes out and, dollars to doughnuts, it is going to be the truckload. You think this is bad what has happened the last couple of days with Cohen and Manafort? It is child’s play compared to what is going to come at Trump, and then you will see everybody jump ship. And my gut instinct is that Trump won’t make it past —make it through his first term.”

Reiner has never been a fan of this president, so it’s no surprise to see him have zero faith in the man.

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Reiner previously called Trump supporters racist — and he’s made sure to criticize nearly every major move President Trump has made, even though those moves have helped the country economically and in so many other ways.

As the director has gotten more political, so have his films. Reiner’s last two pictures — “LBJ” and “Shock and Awe” — have explored the world of politics.

“Shock and Awe,” the 2018 film that tells the story of journalists who were trying to expose the Bush administration as liars leading up to the initial Iraq invasion, flopped big-time at the box office.

Check out the trailer for “Shock and Awe” below:

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