Internet Explodes with Rumors About First Lady and Body Double

Some people sure seem to have a lot of time on their hands — check this out

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The latest theory resurrected by denizens of the interweb (who clearly have a lot of time on their hands) is that first lady Melania Trump’s recent appearances aren’t “Melania Trump” at all.

The sneaky impostor, they posit, is a clever body double.

To what end, one might ask, might such an elaborate ruse be advantageous to either Melania Trump herself or the administration?

That answer requires a good bit of imagination and a determined willingness to suspend disbelief.

Theories on what is driving the need for an (imaginary) body double range from the death of FLOTUS (believe it or not) or a physical incapacity — to an unwillingness to lend her support to her spouse, the president of the United States, in any way, shape, or form.

One self-proclaimed “Melania expert,” whose Twitter bio indicates she is a developmental cognitive scientist and professor at the prestigious Notre Dame, for one, is convinced about this.

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“I’m a Melania expert,” Dr. Nicole McNeil tweeted. “And I agree this is not her. This can’t be real life that we have a POTUS using a body double for his wife, can it?”

It seems this theory has other proponents within the community of mental health professionals.

A prolific tweeter and, according to the accompanying Twitter bio, a “psychotherapist working with adolescents, couples, and families,” is also on board the body double hoax train.

In an astute assessment of a 17-second clip of Melania Trump in a white suit with a black-and-white polka dot shirt in Ohio late last week, Allison Baker wrote, “This is a full-on Melania imposter. I cannot believe they’re using a body double!!!!”

(Yes, she used that quartet of exclamation points.)

After all, this is a mental health professional offering an opinion for public consumption.

This seals it. Surely, she’s right. And after all, this is a mental health professional offering an opinion for public consumption.

Baker wasn’t the only one offering observations on how the FLOTUS entering Air Force One in the clip differed from the FLOTUS they know and hate.

The clip that respawned conspiracy theories, some of which arose during her convalescence following a kidney procedure in May, has been viewed millions of times, according to the U.K.’s Daily Star.

Noted “differences” included hair color, the way in which her hair was parted, her weight, her gait, her body language, and details about her clothing and accessories.

For all its ills, social media does, at times, provide a much-needed reality check, like these Twitter users, for example, who weren’t having it, and one who popped the bubble completely.

Michele Blood is a Flemington, New Jersey-based freelance writer and a regular contributor to LifeZette.

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