A Chinese-owned company operating in the Washington, D.C., area hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server throughout her term as secretary of state — and obtained nearly all her emails, two sources briefed on the matter told The Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) in a bombshell report.

Clinton was eventually exonerated by then-FBI Director James Comey over her private email server and her handling of classified information.

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Comey, in fact, had concerns about the potential hacking of Clinton’s server.

In his July 5, 2016, statement regarding the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s server, used while she was secretary of state, Comey said it was “possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal email account.”

What was the response back then by the Department of Justice (DOJ)?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general (IG) report blasted Comey, reported Politico, saying he “insinuated that hostile foreign actors may have in fact gained access to former Secretary Clinton’s private email account, based almost entirely on speculation and without any evidence…”

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More recently and with the added bonus of hindsight, comparisons between the Clinton investigations and Trump investigations are startling.

“The investigations related to the email were handled with kid gloves, and the investigations related to Trump … with all-out prosecutorial force of government and deep state might,” Mark Penn wrote in a recent piece for The Hill, on the obvious double standard between how Clinton was treated and Trump has been treated by federal law enforcement agencies.

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The Chinese firm that hacked Clinton’s server reportedly obtained Clinton’s emails — and documents — as she sent and received them through her personal server, according to the sources, who said the hacking was conducted as part of a Chinese intelligence operation.

Code written by the Chinese was embedded in the server located in Clinton’s residence in Chappaqua, New York, said the DCNF. The code reportedly generated an instant copy for nearly all of her emails and forwarded them to the Chinese company.

The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found that virtually all of Clinton’s emails were sent to a “foreign entity,” Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), said at a July 12 House Committee on the Judiciary hearing, noted the DCNF. He did not reveal the entity’s identity — but did say it was unrelated to Russia.

ICIG investigator Frank Rucker and attorney Janette McMillan reportedly warned FBI officials repeatedly of the hacking, according to a former intelligence officer with expertise in cybersecurity issues, who spoke anonymously with the DCNF and had been briefed on the issue.

“I would be in a lot of trouble if I gave you the name.”

Peter Strzok, who was then the bureau’s top counterintelligence official — and was later fired after texts he sent to his mistress and co-worker Lisa Page were discovered — reportedly received the information but failed to act, according to Gohmert.

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The former intelligence officer told the DCNF that the ICIG discovered the anomaly pretty early in 2015.

“The Chinese are notorious for embedding little surprises like this,” the intelligence officer said, declining to name the Chinese company.

“We do know the name of the company. There are indications there are other ‘cutouts’ that were involved. I would be in a lot of trouble if I gave you the name,” he told the DCNF.

A government staff official who has been briefed on the ICIG’s findings said the Chinese state-owned firm linked to the hacking operates in Washington’s northern Virginia suburbs.

See a comprehensive overview on Clinton’s email scandal in the video below.