It looks like time has run out for “Clock Boy,” the young Muslim American who was accused of bringing a hoax bomb to an Irving, Texas, high school back in September of 2015, when he was just 13. Clock Boy is the nickname conservatives gave freshman high school student Ahmed Mohamed after his stunt three years ago.

The young man was feted by the Left at the time and even invited to the White House by then-President Barack Obama. Both Hillary Clinton and Mark Zuckerberg expressed public support for Mohamed, folks like Stephen Colbert featured him on their shows, and CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) named Mohamed the American Muslim of the Year, as The Daily Wire noted.

A court motion this past Wednesday to throw out the young man’s defamation case against Ben Shapiro, chief editor at The Daily Wire, was upheld, as the editor’s attorney, Kurt Schlichter, reported.

“You cannot compromise on free speech,” Schlichter told LifeZette. “You have to fight for it. Otherwise you lose it. Ben fought. And he’s still got it.”

“That mushroom cloud over Texas is Clock Boy’s case against [Shapiro] going bye-bye,” Schlichter said on Twitter. He added, “We won the appeal. So did the principle of free speech. They lost.”

Shapiro’s motion to dismiss was originally granted in 2016, according to The Daily Wire, but Mohamed’s father filed a notice of appeal. A subsequent motion to reconsider was denied, and the dismissal has now been upheld, along with an award to pay all the fees and court costs of Shapiro’s attorney.

Mohamed brought lawsuits against several prominent conservatives in 2016 for defamation over their claims that he had caused a “hoax” by bringing a homemade clock resembling a bomb to a high school in Texas.

While the Irving Police Department dropped charges against Mohamed for bringing a “hoax bomb” to school, he was suspended for three days for the incident.

The boy hosted a press event with CAIR back in September 2015 at which he claimed, “The incident is symptomatic of growing Islamophobia in American society.” Mohamed also used purported allegations that he was a terrorist to fuel the claims of Islamophobia.

Mohamed also used purported allegations that he was a terrorist to fuel claims of Islamophobia.

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“The Mohamed family are peaceful Muslims who have been falsely accused of being terrorists and engaging in a jihad,” the lawsuit stated, as the Dallas Morning News reported.

On an October 19, 2015, airing of “The Kelly File,” Shapiro said the alarm clock incident was a “hoax,” adding that it was a “set up” by the boy’s father, as The Daily Wire noted.

Ahmed Mohamed’s father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, sued The Blaze’s CEO Glenn Beck,  The Center for Security Policy’s executive vice president Jim Hanson, and Ben Shapiro, among others, for claiming it was all a hoax. Prior defamation lawsuits, such as the one filed against Glenn Beck, had also been dismissed.

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Mohamed’s father also brought lawsuits against the city, school district, and MacArthur High School Principal Daniel Cummings. He reportedly asked for $15 million in damages.

A civil suit filed against the Irving school district, the city of Irving, and others that the boy’s civil rights had been violated was tossed out of court in March.

For anyone who missed it at the time, Barack Obama said of Mohamed in a tweet, “Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It’s what makes America great.”

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