Really, Really Bad: George Lopez Pretends to Urinate on Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Crude, rude and aiming for outrage — yet another comedian goes low in attacking the president

Liberal “stars” appear to be in competition with one another to see who can go the lowest and be the crudest in their attacks against President Donald Trump.

Comedian George Lopez decided to join in on said competition this week when he pretended to urinate on the president’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (yes, it’s come to this — sad).

Lopez can be seen in a video taken on Tuesday night using a bottle of water as he went through his crude and rude pretenses.

While Lopez’s actions — in poor taste, to say the least — are nothing compared to Kathy Griffin’s stunt not that long ago of holding up a likeness of the president’s severed head, Lopez’s weird and lame attempt at humor shows the desperation of many critics of the sitting president.

They are so caught up in Trump derangement syndrome, they can’t make cogent political arguments. They’re merely stooping to crude and shallow stunts.

Anti-Trump comedians don’t appear to want to be funny anymore. They’re aiming for sheer outrage. It’s pathetic to watch at this point.

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PopZette editor Zachary Leeman can be reached at [email protected].