Pro-choice advocates typically have a confusing message: They assert that an abortion is simply a “procedure” and no big deal at all — while at the same time offering resources to deal with the feelings women may have before, during, and after an abortion.

People don’t often have complicated feelings before, during and after a dental cleaning or the removal of stitches — so which is it?

Self magazine takes that baffling and illogical stance in a recent article, titled “15 Ways to Mentally and Physically Prepare for Your Abortion Procedure.”

The article suggests that abortion is normal and even ho-hum, stating, “Abortion is one of the safest routine medical procedures you can have” — and suggests readers consider “tak[ing] off work the day of your abortion.” It also notes, “Even if you know it’s definitely the right move for you, if you’re dealing with anxiety or other difficult emotions surrounding your abortion … it can be easy to lose sight of the factors that went into your choice.”

The article attempts to normalize abortion and makes shallow suggestions that devalue human life and devalue the women to whom it’s speaking — those who have decided on abortion.

Listening to songs by Beyoncé while having an abortion is “empowering,” according to the article, which liberally quotes Megan Aebi, a pregnancy doula and representative of a New York-based group called The Doula Project.

Aebi recommends women who are seeking “a sense of calm” during their abortion download a guided meditation app, or curate a playlist of serene songs.

“Or maybe you’re looking for something more stereotypically empowering,” Aebi told Self. “You can stream Beyoncé before, during, and after your procedure if you want.”

“Make sure that you have things to keep occupied, whether that’s an engrossing true crime podcast or a calming coloring book.”

Aebi even advised women to bring crayons while waiting to end a human life.

“Make sure that you have things to keep occupied,” Aebi recommended, “whether that’s an engrossing true crime podcast or a calming coloring book.”

Who do you think would win the Presidency?

So women are supposed to numb themselves or distract themselves from the reality of abortion. Yet the grief women may feel from having an abortion — a natural and very human response — is a troubling reality the article doesn’t touch on at all. (Morality, after all, is the enemy of abortion proponents.)

The article also warns abortion seekers that they “might come across anti-abortion advocates outside of the health center,” and pro-life websites on the internet — and also outrageously claims that in some states, “your doctor may be required by law to lie to you or give you written materials with false information about abortion.”

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“Based on the state in which you live, your doctor may also have to perform an ultrasound and show you the resulting image, offer you the chance to see the image, or describe what the fetus looks like,” says the piece. Heaven forbid a woman see what she’s destroying.

And even though the article again claims abortion is “safer than childbirth,” that “probably won’t fly with the 68 women removed from the St. Louis abortion clinic by ambulance,” Georgette Forney, president of Anglicans for Life, told LifeSiteNews.

“Women are better served pointing out the 49 pages of medical emergencies listed on the Operation Rescue website,” she added.