Left Resorts to Desperate Name-Calling to Try to Disparage SCOTUS Pick

Using terms like 'frat boy' and nitpicking at baseball ticket purchases, liberals swing away at Brett Kavanaugh

“Now he’s a ‘frat boy’ or a waiter at Ruby Tuesday’s,” said Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo on Wednesday night’s “The Ingraham Angle” on Fox News. He was referring to some of the terms thrown at President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, by those on the Left in recent days.

Arroyo then named several famous “Bretts,” such as Fox News’ own Brett Baier, football Hall of Famer Brett Favre, and the late actress Brett Somers.

All of this was in reference to Stephen Colbert’s sad late-night bit on CBS this week in which the liberal comedian “joked” that Judge Kavanaugh’s first name, Brett, sounded more like the name of someone who waits tables at a Ruby Tuesday restaurant than a future justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.

“They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel if it’s [Washington Nationals baseball] tickets and his first name [they’re making fun of],” said host Laura Ingraham. “That’s the best they have?”

She was referring to a Washington Post piece on Wednesday that nit-picked at Kavanaugh’s financials, including credit-card purchases he apparently paid off in 2017 that included tickets to Nationals baseball games.

“Welcome to ‘Supreme Court justice for life.’ Eat that, Left. For life,” said Ingraham.

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The abortion advocacy group NARAL also tweeted an epithet targeting Brett Kavanaugh along with a GIF depicting three pairs of clapping hands and the text, “BACK OFF BRETT,” on Tuesday night.

“We’ll be DAMNED if we’re going to let five MEN — including some frat boy named Brett — strip us of our hard-won bodily autonomy and reproductive rights. #StopKavanaugh #SaveRoe,” NARAL wrote in a tweet, which was quickly met with a backlash from the Right.

In case NARAL’s followers weren’t certain of its stance on Kavanaugh, the organization included it in its Twitter bio, that it is “leading the fight against Trump’s anti-choice nominee to #SaveSCOTUS.”

It isn’t clear whether NARAL’s stunt was based on the 53-year-old judge’s first name, an allusion to his college days when the now-married father of two pledged the fraternity Delta Kappa Epsilon at Yale College, or a bit of both.

Regardless, the so-called “frat boy named Brett” may soon replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the nation’s high court. His impressive resume, of course, didn’t prompt NARAL to temper its tantrum with one iota of respect.

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The fraternity to which Kavanaugh pledged certainly does have an interesting history. Former presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush are both alumni of the Yale Chapter of DKE, as Fox News reported.

The chapter has had its problems. Recently, Yale’s DKE fraternity made the news for all the wrong reasons. DKE students at Yale who faced sexual assault allegations were permitted to return to campus earlier this winter following an alleged rape that occurred in 2017, as Business Insider reported.

Conservatives wasted no time in calling out NARAL on its patently childish behavior.

And they weren’t alone. Even CNN’s Jake Tapper, though perhaps with a smidgeon of plausible deniability, called out the group.

Meanwhile, Judge Brett Kavanaugh has better ways to spend his time than tussling with name-callers.

He was spotted on Wednesday night in Washington, D.C., serving meals to homeless people outside Catholic Charities, as the Daily Caller reported.

Michele Blood is a Flemington, New Jersey-based freelance writer and a regular contributor to LifeZette.

(photo credit, article image: The Late Show, CC BY-SA 4.0, by Arforv)

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