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DMV Employee in California Snoozed for 2,200 Hours on the Job — Outrageous!


Sure, people get sleepy from time to time during their workday, but this is beyond.

A worker at the California Department of Motor Vehicles apparently slept for three hours a day on the job for nearly four years — and her managers knew and did nothing about it.

The outrageous news comes from a state auditor’s report [1] released Tuesday.

“And the employee still works there,” noted Fox News [2] in its report about the case.

This particular individual — who has not been publicly identified — slept through roughly 2,200 hours of “work” between February 2014 and December 2017 — costing California taxpayers more than $40,000, the audit explained.

The employee’s job was to update address changes and new vehicle ownership forms.

But the auditor’s report said this worker managed to get through only 200 documents a day — while the typical data operator averages 560 documents a day.

Colleagues said her work was filled with errors.

Other workers then had “to pick up the slack, the audit found. [And] her colleagues said her work was filled with errors,” as Fox News pointed out.

The audit said the person’s managers were aware of the problems — but “failed to take disciplinary or medical action against the employee after initial efforts to address her conduct proved unsuccessful,” the audit said.

(photo credit, article image: Big Old Line at the DMV [11], CC BY-ND 2.0 [12], by mack reed [13])