“Gosnell” has had a long and bumpy road to its release.

Though it was filmed years ago, the movie found a distribution deal only this year — and it will hit theaters nationwide on October 12 in 750 venues.

It follows the true story of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, a man now serving life in prison for performing some horrific, gory and blatantly illegal abortions. He was convicted of first degree murder and a handful of other crimes, including 21 counts of performing illegal late-term abortions.

From producers Phelim McAleer and Anne McElhinney, “Gosnell” touches on the horror story of Gosnell and his capture and conviction, along with how the mainstream media mostly ignored the case.

The movie stars Dean Cain (“Lois & Clark,” “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”), was directed by Nick Searcy (“Justified”), and was written by Andrew Klavan (“True Crime”) — yet no major studio would go near “Gosnell.” Test audiences praised the film, but the subject matter was simply too controversial for mainstream studios in liberal Hollywood. This, despite the fact that the film raised a whopping $2 million for its budget through crowdfunding — proving there is an audience for this story.

Now, “Gosnell” cannot be held back.

Director and actor Nick Searcy stopped by Fox News’ “The Greg Gutfeld Show” on Saturday night to show a clip from the highly anticipated film.

The short clip from the film shows an intense courtroom scene (featuring director Searcy in an acting capacity) and gives audiences a glimpse at what is to come from “Gosnell.”

Watch the clip below.