Women March Against the President’s Policies — and Against the Rule of Law

Forget the mylar blankets and the use of profanity — where's the concern for American citizens in trouble?

Where are the marches for American citizens ripped apart from their families when illegal immigrants commit horrendous murders? Where are the marches, the protests, the outpouring of concern for Americans who die from drugs brought into this country by those here unlawfully?

Instead, several hundred people, mostly women, took to Capitol Hill on Thursday to protest President Donald Trump’s immigration policies, as ABC News and other outlets reported. Logically, these people were also protesting the rule of law as well as strong border security — which is enforced to keep all Americans (including the protesters themselves) safe on an everyday basis.

Nevertheless, chanting “We Care” and “Abolish ICE,” the protesters demanded Congress act to end Trump’s policies regarding unlawful border crossings. ICE, of course, refers to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Wearing stickers that said “Deport Trump” and “F*** Trump” shirts — how lovely — the protesters chanted slogans like “No ban no wall, America is home to all. No hate, no fear. Everyone is welcome here,” Breitbart reported. Several hundred people marched from Freedom Plaza to congressional office buildings, where at least 200 people defied orders from Capitol Police and were arrested.

Protesters walked around wearing mylar blankets — similar to the blankets handed out to immigrant children who arrive with illegal alien adults and are cared for at detention centers in this country .

“Women are outraged at the separation of families,” said Linda Sarsour, one of last year’s Women’s March organizers. “We are outraged at all of the things that are unfolding in our country.”

There was no word on whether she felt outrage at the deaths of Americans at the hands of illegal immigrants — and no word on how the protesters felt about parents who illegally send their own children across the border to face many dangers alone.

“We are here to say we’re ready to sacrifice, and we’re ready to leave our jobs, leave our families to come and take this act of civil disobedience here,” Sarsour said.

Capitol Police arrested 575 people at the protest in the Senate building, and charged them with unlawfully demonstrating. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) tweeted that she was also arrested.

People carried handmade signs, including one that read, “Don’t have a heart of I.C.E.” Others marked “We Care” on their palms, reported ABC News. Still other protesters wore jackets that said, “I really care. Do you?” painted in white writing on the back, a clear dig at first lady Melania Trump’s trip to the southwest to visit detained children and the jacket she wore as she departed.

Another woman who identified herself to Breitbart News as L.A. Kauffman said the ultimate goal of the “movement” was to remove the current president from the White House.

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“The overall goal is to end family detentions,” she told Breitbart, “to ultimately remove Trump and his enablers from office, however that happens in whatever time frame, and to lay the groundwork for a new set of policies in this country based on human decency and mutual respect. And this action that is pushing the limits has the potential to inspire exactly the kind of mass civil resistance that we need to achieve these goals.”

(photo credit, article and homepage image: YouTube)