Trump-Kim Meeting: Whose Handshake Was More Dominant?

On 'The Ingraham Angle,' a fun and funny take on the president's humorous comments at the expense of a few folks

Although President Donald Trump’s visit to Singapore for a summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un covered deadly serious business, there were definitely some lighter moments throughout the event.

Over the course of Monday and Tuesday, the president delivered a few humorous nuggets.

At the same time, many left-wing media outlets acted so absurdly in some cases that one couldn’t help but laugh at them.

On Monday, when both the president and Kim were being photographed, Trump asked the photographers, “Getting a good picture, everybody? So we look nice and handsome and thin and perfect?”

This, no doubt, was a bit of a playful stab at the two leaders’ exchange of words last year, when Kim called Trump a “dotard” and the president responded with this tweet:

“It is an example of Trump very gently, throughout this entire back-and-forth, dominating Kim Jong-un,” Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo told Laura Ingraham on “The Ingraham Angle”ย Monday night.

“He did it in the handshake. He did it in the way he embraced him. He showed him the way, and there you see it again.”

CNN was trying to do whatever it could, of course, to push the opposite idea.

The network even invited a “body language expert” to comment about the two men โ€” and this “expert” said that the 5 foot 7 Kim was the dominant one, not the 6 foot 3 Trump.

“The person in the position of power, the person who is on the left of the picture, will always be seen as in the power position,” Chris Ulrich said on “The Ingraham Angle.” “So for Trump, as they’re shaking hands and it takes 13 seconds for that handshake, he’ll ultimately end up doing an upper arm grab over here on Kim Jong-un.”

Would Ulrich have said this if Kim were on the right side of the picture and Trump were on the left side?

“What does the left or right have to do with dominance?” asked Arroyo. “How does the left suddenly become a more dominant position?”

CNN also had to voice its distaste over the fact that lunch was served at the summit.

“So, by releasing the details of the menu, this is legitimizing Kim Jong-un,” Samantha Vinograd said Tuesday on CNN.

“The poor North Korean people,” CNN contributor Jonathan Wachtel added. “If they knew what was being dished out there, they can’t even imagine the types of foods that rolled off your tongue.”

Here is a look at the menu items in question:

Amused by the absurdity of CNN’s coverage, host Laura Ingraham joked, “I actually told him [Trump] to bring In-N-Out Burgers. That would’ve been really tasty.”

Then there was CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s outrageous behavior at the summit.

During the historic meeting, the two leaders each signed a document that acknowledged โ€” among other things โ€” that North Korea needs to denuclearize. At the exact time that this occurred, though, Acosta felt the sudden urge to start shouting out several questions, including, “Mr. President, did we agree to denuclearize?” and “Did you talk about Otto Warmbier, sir?”

Acosta also used the F-word, which was caught on a hot mic by another attendee.

Since Acosta seemed to think the historic Singapore summit was all about him, Brad Parscale, the Trump 2020 campaign manager, weighed in on Twitter by saying, “Jim @Acosta should immediately have his press credentials suspended. He is an absolute disgrace! @realDonaldTrump”

As a result of all of this over-the-top absurdity from the media, Trump made a joke about it when asked if he trusted Kim. The president responded by saying that he did โ€” but added, “I may be wrong, I mean I may stand before you in six months and say, ‘Hey I was wrong.’ I don’t know that I’ll ever admit that, but I’ll find some kind of an excuse.”

The former real estate mogul and business executive also gave people an idea of his vision for a peaceful North Korea; Trump said he thinks there’s real estate investment potential there.

“[They’ve got] great beaches. You see when they’re exploding the cannons into the ocean โ€” I thought wouldn’t that make a great condo,” he said. “I explained [to Kim], ‘Instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels in world.”

So not only did President Trump do something that all previous U.S. presidents dared not do in terms of working toward lasting peace in the Korean Peninsula, but he also let his personality shine through in the process โ€” while left-wing outlets like CNN simply showed how ridiculous they can act.

Tom Joyce is a freelance writer from the South Shore of Massachusetts. He covers sports, pop culture, and politics and has contributed to The Federalist, Newsday, ESPN, and other outlets.