When anti-Islamist Tommy Robinson was arrested recently in Britain, it was the direct result of cultural suicide and a rejection of western Judeo-Christian values — in place of political correctness and Islamic appeasement.

Along with its European allies, Britain has chosen submission over strength and tyranny over truth. The result has been the self-destruction of one of the greatest nations in the world.

For the high crime of streaming a Facebook Live video and covering an alleged Muslim rape gang entering a courtroom for trial, Robinson was arrested and detained by British police. In tyrannical fashion, the specific details of Robinson’s sentence remain hidden since a judge placed a gag order on the case, preventing reporters from covering it.

Think of it: A country finds merely filming an alleged child-grooming rape gang so offensive that it must jail those who do so.

Britain has placed more emphasis on silencing opponents of Islamism and unfettered immigration than it has on preventing Islamic terrorism, or the heinous crimes committed by Islamist gangs, such as the one Robinson was committed to exposing.

Robinson was surrounded by more than a half-dozen police officers — who placed him under arrest for what they called “breach of peace.” Really? Since when is using Facebook Live considered a “breach of peace”? Since the Islamism of Europe, apparently. This is what the radical Left and the Islamists they appease have so much in common with, their self-entitled desire to silence everyone they oppose.

Freedom of speech has come under relentless attack by the Islamist-leftist coalition in recent years, which seeks to bully and intimidate critics of open borders and Sharia law into submission. Once this anti-western coalition realized that screaming “Islamophobia” wasn’t enough, they turned to more fascistic measures, such as speech codes.

In many ways, Robinson’s arrest is merely an amplified extension of the “safe space” epidemic plaguing college campuses across America today. So-called hate speech has served as justification for shutting down open discourse and the free exchange of ideas, a fundamental pillar of western Judeo-Christian civilization, much like that of pre-Islamist Britain.

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Britain has given the world some of the greatest advancements and cultural treasures as a result of the very values it is now rejecting. We’re talking about a country — one which gave the world the Magna Carta, William Shakespeare, John Locke, and, with the United States, the liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny — turning around and jailing its own citizens for speaking freely.

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Robinson’s political views are irrelevant to his arrest. Contrary to how the radical Left portrays him, Robinson is not a terrorist. His views are considered controversial but are hardly a matter of national security. More importantly, the simple act for which he was arrested — filming in public — in no way warranted such a tyrannical response.

Meanwhile, according to government reports, British imam and ISIS supporter Anjem Choudary is scheduled to be released from prison in the next few months. Choudary openly pledged allegiance to ISIS and is the leader of the Islamist extremist group al-Muhajiroun.

He was imprisoned and sentenced to five and a half years in jail in 2016 after encouraging Muslims worldwide, including those in Britain, to join ISIS. Authorities believe one of Choudary’s followers helped plan the 2017 London Bridge attack, in which an Islamic terrorist used a vehicle to mow down and kill 11 innocent civilians.

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Though official government statements warn about the ongoing threat of Islamic extremism and terrorist acts, Choudary is scheduled to walk free by October. So, while Robinson could presumably be sitting behind bars, Britain will have a non-remorseful terrorist walking the streets of London with a smile on his face and a skip in his step.

Is this what over a million British soldiers gave their lives for while defending their Island through two world wars? To die defending their home against tyranny, only to have it choose to implement tyranny against its own people?

Political correctness is not only foolish — it’s also dangerous.

Bullets and bombs are deadly, but they were never enough to defeat the heart and wherewithal of the United Kingdom. Rather, it is leftist lies that are destroying Britain. Lies that say all cultures are equal, borders are irrelevant, Islamist values are consistent with western values, and that free speech does not include what some deem to be hate speech.

The arrest of Tommy Robinson and the coming release of Anjem Choudary are symptoms of a crumbling society — and should serve as a stark warning for all Americans of what can happen when a nation forgets who it is and for what it stands.

Political correctness is not only foolish — it’s also dangerous. And we as Americans best do everything we can to destroy it before it destroys us — the way it has our European allies.

Brigitte Gabriel is a terrorism expert and chairman of ACT For America, the largest national security grassroots organization in the U.S.

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