Stephen Colbert Trashes the Trump-Kim Meeting

President could cure cancer, yet the 'Late Show' host would still find something to whine about and criticize

Leftists are working in overdrive to give President Donald Trump’s historic meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un a bad spin.

One of the always reliable anti-Trumpers is Stephen Colbert, of course — a late-night host whose career basically depends on his criticisms of the president.

“So tensions are high. The United States is on the precipice of unthinkable international conflict, and that’s with Canada. Our relations have not been this bad with Canada since they stole the word ‘bacon.’ Canadian bacon is just round ham, you monsters.”

He added, “Now … if you’re one of those nerds who values the western alliance that has safeguarded democracy for 70 years, it was a tough weekend for you,” ranted Colbert Monday night on his late-night program .

He continued, “Because Canada hosted the G-7 [the Group of Seven], and it did not go ‘that good.’ Now keep in mind, the G-7 are our trading partners, and right before he attended, Donald Trump declared protectionist trade tariffs against all of them. It’s like showing up to an AA meeting with Captain Morgan.”

Trump’s meeting with Kim may very well lead to a denuclearized North Korea, something numerous presidents have tried to accomplish and failed. Such a thing would make the world a more peaceful place.

And many have praised the president for his trade policies and his eagerness to push back against countries that have economically taken advantage of America for years.

Still, people like Colbert cannot resist the urge to simply — and predictably — lash out at the president for anything and everything he does. He could cure cancer and discover the fountain of youth tomorrow — yet there would be Colbert, standing on stage, ranting and raving to his television audience about how the world is on the verge of total destruction.

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PopZette editor Zachary Leeman can be reached at [email protected].