10 Things You Don’t Know About Kim Jong-un (but Should)

North Korean dictator has lived a life shrouded in mystery — check out these weird and fascinating tidbits about him

The truth about Kim Jong-un’s biography is arguably stranger than fiction.

The third son of Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-il, who died in 2011, he has continued the ruthless and despotic ways of his infamous father.

The North Korean leader, who is in his 30s, just sat down in a historic face-to-face nuclear summit with President Donald Trump — who was the first American president ever to meet with a leader of North Korea.

Even so, Kim Jong-un’s life is shrouded in mystery, leading to many falsehoods and myths about his past, his habits, and his life in general.

Check out the gallery below for 10 fascinating things that have been reported about North Korea’s mysterious dictator over the years — with surely more details to emerge as time goes on.

(photo credit, homepage image: Kim Jong-Un, CC BY-SA 2.0, by Driver Photographer; article image: Kim Jung-un, CC BY 2.0, by kikodoze)

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