National ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ Is Easy for Telecommuters

'Pawsatively' relaxing, the arrangement does have a few downsides (the mailman shows up right as an important call begins, for starters)

It’s national Take Your Dog to Work Day today, and I’ve joined the increasing number of telecommuters who don’t have to stress out to observe this latest “holiday.” (Is it me, or is there a “day” for almost everything now?)

I work from home — so for me, it’s business as usual.

I call my three dogs my colleagues. I have the fluffiest, most slobbery colleagues around, not to mention noisy ones.

It’s not unusual to see me gesturing wildly at them to be quiet while I’m on an important work call. The mailman seems to know precisely the one slice of the day when I need quiet — and sets all of my three-alarm nightmares going, as the three dogs band together to warn me of an imminent attack by said mailman.

Instead of meeting my colleagues at the water cooler, my “home” team and I meet in the kitchen, where I hand out chew bones to everyone’s delight. And although they can’t understand me when I outline my latest work concerns or issues, my team manages to cock their heads charmingly, and offer a few snuggles in response to a sigh or groan.

My pets are indeed good for workday stress — who can get upset with a lovable fur ball pressed against you, little eyes telling you are amazing and totally awesome, and frankly can do no wrong?

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A friend of mine who also works at home most of the time shares this anecdote: “I have a dog and two cats, and they are a big part of my life, of course — as they are for my entire family. And I just love how, after a stressful work project is finished, I can gaze over at them, pet them, hug them, be with them, even for five minutes — and grab some comfort from that.”

“It’s good for them, too,” she adds.

Note to offices around the country: Time to get a “staff dog”? Or at least a cat? (Or would that eliminate a fun “national day” for scores of companies and organizations?)

Either way, when we’re with our pets, it’s a win.

Deirdre Reilly is a senior editor with LifeZette. Follow her on Twitter.