Jimmy Kimmel (Surprise, Surprise) Goes After the Trump Family

The obsession by those on the Left for attacking the first family for no reason has gone far beyond cheap and tiresome

Going after President Donald Trump and his family has become a crutch for late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

It’s his knee-jerk reaction to absolutely everything, and it’s getting oh, so tiresome.

He did it again on Wednesday night.

Kimmel found a way to criticize the president over his executive order to end family separation among illegal immigrants.

“Thank you [Trump] for your courage. For those keeping score, Trump signed an order reversing a policy that yesterday he said he couldn’t reverse, it was unreversible,” Kimmel said. “Somehow today he managed to reverse the unreversible, which is remarkable, and unremarkable, at the same time. Now, thanks to this new order, instead of being separated, families from other countries will be locked up together. Hopefully starting with his.”

Kimmel is beyond desperate at this point to attack the president over absolutely everything he does.

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And going after the president’s own family over a decision most should support shows that in spades.

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PopZette editor Zachary Leeman can be reached at [email protected].