How to Sort Out the DACA Mess in Congress

Pro-amnesty House Republicans are out of the closet and pushing free passes for up to 3.5 million illegal aliens via the discharge petition

Contrary to the opinion of political elites, the U.S. electorate is not stupid. We vividly recall the year 2014, when the Republican House majority pleaded with voters: “Just give us the Senate, and we will stop Obama!”

We did, and the GOP did nothing to stop former President Barack Obama’s assault on the U.S. Constitution. And later, unrepentant for their failure to stop Obama’s lawlessness, they again sounded the horn: “Elect us a Republican President!”

Voters, knowing that the republic hung in the balance, and against all odds, gave them President Donald J. Trump, Republican, the only Republican candidate who would always have our backs. And Congress rebelled. They have joined the Democrat minority to stop our president and our “America First” agenda. Prime example? DACA amnesty.

Since Trump’s inauguration, the GOP open borders cartel has come out of the closet on amnesty, gorging themselves on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) menu, hoping to legitimize Obama’s unconstitutional executive sellout.

Obama’s DACA executive order allowed illegal alien offspring to take U.S. jobs from young Americans, while sending the world the message that the U.S. tolerates lawlessness.

Creating the illusion of urgency where none exists, the 2018 push for amnesty has morphed from Congress’ deceptive “immigration reform” plan to a blatant “amnesty only” DREAM (for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act, a loser bill under ordinary conditions and resurrected from years gone by. So why is the 2018 GOP amnesty extraordinary?

House Republican amnesty is being championed under the rarely used “discharge petition” process, centering around an obscure House rule known as the “Queen of the Hill,” which grants passage to whichever bill receives the most votes, with no majority required!

In doing so, the GOP not only will have shoved real Americans to the back of the bus, but will have ignored their very own party’s 2016 platform, which reads: “We stand with the victims of his [Obama’s] policies, especially the families of murdered innocents … We oppose any form of amnesty …”

And now, two years later, it is still about the safety of our children, our families. But not for these pretenders.

The DREAM Act, the most likely to “win” of any of the four bills under consideration, would grant amnesty to nearly 3.5 million illegal aliens — more than four times the number of those who benefited under Obama’s DACA.

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Further, mass amnesty would be given without any of the president’s immigration pillars. You get no wall funding, no end to chain migration, and no interior enforcement. And there is another, more insidious consequence: When these 3.5 million future citizens are charged with serious crimes, as thousands will be, they will make a swift exit stage south to avoid prosecution, as they have done tens of thousands of times before. Membership into the dual citizenship club has its advantages.

If there is one thing we have learned in these past 15 months living and working in the Washington, D.C., swamp, it is that for them it is all about job security. By voting for any of the possible four amnesty bills, these House “centrists” have stripped themselves of any modicum of conservatism.

Thus, the naked truth is exposed: They do what they do because of their insatiable addiction to donors who fill their re-election coffers with huge profits from cheap illegal alien labor. And by allowing amnesty to rise to its present do-or-die importance, they have recklessly exposed their brotherhood with their former political opponents, shrugging off their last ounce of decency by pretending to care about their prized imaginary midterm collateral.

It is time for all Americans to let Congress know that this carnage must stop, to place Americans first — or resign.

In doing so, they ignore the fact that tens of thousands of our “Stolen Lives” families spend their time dealing with the grim reality that there forever will be an empty seat at their dinner tables. Each and every GOP member understands these truths.

They all witnessed our grieving “Angel Families” standing on stage with their candidate, Donald J. Trump, courageously retelling their stories of pain, sorrow and unending loss of their loved ones, America’s Stolen Lives, violently ripped from them by those who should have never been in America in the first place.

It is time for all Americans to let Congress know that this carnage must stop, to place Americans first — or resign. Nothing less will suffice.

Maria Espinoza is the national director of the Remembrance Project, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting America and honoring the memory of people killed by illegal aliens. 

(photo credit, homepage image: DACA Rally SF, CC BY-SA 4.0, by Pax Ahimsa Gethen)