They were appalled. Simply appalled.

Hollywood celebrities were throwing fits on Monday when they saw Masterpiece Cakeshop squeeze out a limited victory — but a victory nonetheless — for religious liberty in a high court case against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC).

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If you thought the reaction of liberal politicians was over the top, Hollywood celebrities delivered some true gems.

“The Supreme Court has approved of hate. We all need to register to vote!!!!” filmmaker Judd Apatow bellowed.

“It’s a shorter walk than we think, particularly today, from ‘I won’t bake them a cake because they’re gay’ to ‘I won’t seat him here because he’s black,'” “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane opined.

While MacFarlane invokes the civil rights movement, he ignores freedom of conscience for Christians.

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The intellectual gymnastics are astounding.

Moby, perhaps unintentionally, proved the point of the SCOTUS ruling.

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“As the sole owner of @littlepinerestaurant I have to announce that my religious beliefs prevent me from serving bigoted, intolerant homophobes. Luckily there’s @chickfila for all of your homophobic needs,” the Grammy-nominated musician tweeted.

Actor George Takei, a frequent commenter on LGBTQ issues, also lamented the court’s ruling.

“If a shopkeeper refuses me service because his religion told him Asians are evil, we wouldn’t even be having this case or discussion. My sexuality is as deep a part of me as my race, and yet it may be singled out as cause to deny me service, while our justices wring their hands,” Takei claimed.

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Actress Dana Delaney had just four words about the ruling: “Judge Merrick B. Garland.” (She is referring to the judge Republicans would not confirm to the Supreme Court in the final weeks of the Obama administration.)

Rosie O’Donnell was particularly miffed at Judge Neil Gorsuch.

“[W]hen trump is DONE — every judge he installed must be removed starting with gorsuch #REMOVEGORSUCH,” she tweeted.

One would think Hollywood creators would appreciate the significance of the ruling: It is consistent not only with religious freedom but with artistic “freedom of conscience.”

While the Left is framing this case as “discrimination,” it is upholding the individual’s right to “discriminate” what a person does with his or her own voice. This is not about agreeing with one citizen’s opinion.

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The Supreme Court did not rule that anyone could be denied service due to race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. It ruled in a limited capacity that creators could not be compelled by force of law to engage in speech with which they don’t agree.

This is a Supreme Court ruling Hollywood creators should be championing, not condemning.

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