Five Really Bad Reactions by Liberals to the Border Crisis

Some people actually suggested 'all white American parents' should put their kids in cages and leave them there for a time

The midterm election season is right around the corner. And while most Americans are enjoying the very beginnings of summer right now, with fun in the sun and family trips galore, progressives are wearing themselves out pivoting from crisis to crisis.

Mere weeks ago, it was the need to take Americans’ guns away.

This week, it’s “solving” the border crisis (by effectively getting rid of the border).

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The following are five of the craziest progressive reactions to America’s long-standing border issues, which suddenly have come front and center in an all-out media blitz to attack President Donald Trump and the Republican Congress — all of whom have stated repeatedly that their primary interest is to keep this country safe and American citizens safe, while treating all people as humanely as possible.

1.) Actor Peter Fonda flipped out on young Barron Trump. The Secret Service was called after actor Peter Fonda (the brother of Jane Fonda) issued a disturbing threat against Barron Trump, the youngest child of the president.

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“We should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles and see if mother will will [sic] stand up against the giant a****** she is married to. 90 million people in the streets on the same weekend in the country. F***,” Fonda said on Twitter.

The actor later apologized after he received intense public backlash.

But his troubles aren’t over. He’s now been accused of encouraging “domestic terrorism.”

2.) A social media user threatened Donald Trump Jr.’s daughter. After Trump Jr. (the eldest son of the president) objected to Peter Fonda’s incendiary remark about Barron Trump, a social media user then actually threatened Don Jr.’s own daughter, Chloe.

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“You’re clearly a sick individual and everyone is an internet bada** but rather than attack an 11 year old like a bully and a coward why don’t you pick on someone a bit bigger. LMK,” Trump Jr. tweeted — using the shorthand internet term for “let me know.”

“Don’t worry, we’re coming for Chloe, too,” an account under the name Peter Dussault responded.

Donald Trump Jr. commented on Thursday about the threat on Instagram.

“This is what the other side is all about. The more I am exposed to them, the more obvious it becomes. Hate and bulls*** is their political platform. It’s literally all they have,” said Don Jr. “We sure as hell know it’s not jobs, freedom or the economy. They can say or do anything and nothing ever happens, a standard conservatives don’t have the luxury of. Not only do you have a celebrity attacking a 12-year-old boy [and] wishing him to be in a cage with pedophiles, but another ‘TV writer’ threatening my 4-year-old when I hit back and challenge one of their Hollywood groupthink cult leaders. It only strengthens my resolve. #enoughisenough#maga.”

3.) Socialists screamed at the DHS secretary and drove her out of a Mexican eatery. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was accosted by protesters from the Democratic Socialists of America while she was eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant earlier this week.

“We’re in downtown DC disrupting DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen’s dinner at MXDC [Cocina],” the Metro D.C. Democratic Socialists of America wrote in a Facebook post. “The irony isn’t lost on us that this is a Mexican restaurant.”

The left-wing mob shouted slogans such as “Abolish ICE!” and “Shame!” at Nielsen while she was having her working dinner.

The f***ing gall,” a woman shouted. “Shame on you! Shame!”

The phrase is associated with an explicit “walk of shame” scene in the series “Game of Thrones.”

One of the hecklers later owned up to being a DOJ employee in the Trump administration and said she was exercising her First Amendment rights.

4.) A Twitter user said that all white American parents should put their kids in cages and leave them there until it makes them “uncomfortable.” One of the sicker attempts to elicit widespread sympathy for the children of illegal immigrants who were being separated from each other came from “Progressive Dad,” a Twitter pundit’s handle.

“Today I will place my partner’s daughter in a dog crate & leave her unattended,” he wrote. “I will go to a cafe far enough away that it feels frightening. I urge every white American parent to do the same so that we know the agony faced by those at the Mexican border.”

“Nothing like child abuse for no other reason than to show that you’re ‘progressive’ and ‘forward thinking,'” one commenter then responded. “Smart move to scare the p*** out of a child [who] has nothing to do with what you’re fighting against.”

5.) People said photos of child detention centers looked like “concentration camps” — then they learned the images were actually taken during the Obama era. Several provocative photos that liberals in the media chose to focus on and discuss endlessly were taken during the previous administration.

The references to and suggestions of the horrific Nazi concentration camps during the World War II era is part of a widespread media narrative comparing border patrol agents and the Trump administration to Nazis.

There are many more examples of the mainstream media’s and liberals’ aggressive and hyper-reactionary activity — such as a Florida man’s threats against a lawmaker’s family over immigration policies.

All of this leaves most people with common sense shaking their heads — and doing their very best to ignore the increasingly inflamed rhetoric that’s occurring across the country.

Kyle Becker is a content writer and producer with LifeZette. Follow him on Twitter.

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Kyle Becker is a content writer and producer with LifeZette.

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