Five Liberal Stars Who Said Far Worse Things Than Roseanne Ever Did

Leftists made awful comments, but they didn't have shows canceled or need to struggle for work — see the hypocrisy?

No one is defending what Roseanne Barr tweeted out last week — it was unacceptable, period. But in the blink of an eye, the popular TV star went from having a show sporting record-breaking ratings to being a comedian with a canceled program and facing accusations of racism.

After her tweet targeting former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett was deemed racist, ABC swiftly canceled Barr’s successful program.

Many saw the move as an overreaction, especially when others employed in the television world have said far worse things than Barr said. The difference in the cases? They are leftists and part of the “resistance” — while Barr is an independent thinker and an open supporter of President Donald Trump.

Look at late-night host Samantha Bee. Not long after Barr’s bad-taste tweet — which she has blamed on Ambien (she also said she was unaware of Jarrett’s race at the time) — the liberal Bee went on a tirade on her own TV program and called presidential adviser and successful businesswoman Ivanka Trump a disgusting, misogynistic word, then even implied an incestuous relationship between the president and his daughter.

Bee’s show was not canceled.

Bee apologized, the network moved on — and Bee went right back to doing what she does.

Are you embarrassed that Joe Biden is our "president"?

Roseanne Barr apologized. She even revealed on Twitter that she “begged” ABC to keep her show on the air and to let her make amends.

Barr’s show was canceled.

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Note, too: Bee’s comments were part of a planned, written monologue on her show. Barr’s comments were made in an offhand manner on Twitter.

If the hypocrisy is not clear yet, let’s examine a few more cases. Here’s a look at five liberal stars who have said far worse things than Barr ever said — again, not defending Barr’s comments — but who never faced the same consequences she did.

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Some of these people are even employed by Barr’s former boss.

1.) Keith Olbermann. Just before the Disney-owned ABC fired Barr for her tweet, the Disney-owned ESPN hired Keith Olbermann (shown above left, at the top of this article). His Twitter feed puts Barr’s to shame.

Olbermann has called the president a “Nazi” and “scum” and even referred to Education Secretary Besty DeVos as a “motherf*****.” He’s had plenty other horrible and misogynistic things to say about conservative women.

Interesting that Disney CEO Bob Iger praised ABC for firing Barr — but he’s so far remained silent on the hiring of Olbermann. Must be because Olbermann is part of the resistance, so somehow his comments are OK.

2.) Tom Arnold. Roseanne Barr’s own ex-husband has been far more of a media darling than the former sitcom star has been.

Arnold actually told conservative commentator Candace Owens to “suck racist d***” on Twitter — charming — but he was soon given his own television program.

But don’t worry: The show will be anti-Trump, so that makes everything OK.

3.) Alec Baldwin. He’s impressive. Not many actors could enjoy a career like he has after they spewed the hateful rhetoric that he has, but he’s managed to do just fine, thanks.

The “Saturday Night Live” star — famous now for his Trump impersonation week after week — has been accused multiple times of speaking homophobic rhetoric, yet he’s never struggled for work. Aside from his recent “SNL” portrayal of the president, he’s had a show on NBC for multiple years, and he pops up in plenty of summer blockbusters.

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Think a conservative could do all of that if he or she said the kind of things Baldwin has?

4.) Joy Behar. The co-host of ABC’s daytime talk show “The View” implied on the air that millions of Christian were “mentally ill” — but all it took to save her job was a simple apology.


So why was an apology not enough to save Roseanne Barr’s show from being canceled?

5.) Bill Maher. The comedian (shown above right, at the top of this piece) compared the president to an ape and also said the N-word on national television. He’s still, however, enjoying a prime spot on HBO’s lineup.

How are Maher’s comments any “better” than Barr’s?

Maher made his hateful comments on his actual TV program — which typically requires a lot more thought than an off-the-cuff tweet.

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