“It’s a new day, so he better get used to it,” said Diamond (real name Lynnette Hardaway).

She was speaking to Jesse Watters of the Fox News Channel this weekend about former President Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky during his presidency — and how, in today’s environment, a powerful and older man’s predatory sexual behavior toward a younger and more vulnerable woman in the workplace is not at all to be tolerated, excused or defended.

“That’s right … Mmm hmm,” added Silk (real name Rochelle Richardson).

The former president still has not apologized directly to Monica Lewinsky for their affair and for the way she suffered because of it.

When he’s been asked about it recently, he’s appeared offended, defensive and huffy.

“Back then they may have looked at him as a sugar daddy,” said Diamond, “but sugar ain’t for free. Today we look at him as a pervert.”

He can’t apologize, she added, “because he is arrogant. He thinks he has a sense of entitlement.”

Check out the video below for everything these two outspoken, conservative ladies said.