Baseball Fan Catches Foul Ball — with Her Beer

Video of beverage dramatically topped off by a sports souvenir starts rounding the bases of viral stardom

Gabby DiMarco was enjoying a cold one while watching the San Diego Padres play the Atlanta Braves at the Padres’ home field, Petco Park, on Tuesday night, when she happened to catch a stray foul ball — with her beer. (See the incredible video, below.)

“Good hops on that one,” the announcer quipped, as the camera stayed on the stunned and laughing DiMarco.

The San Diego native proceeded to chug the entire beer — with the baseball still in it. The amazing episode was possible thanks to Atlanta’s Ender Inciarte, who popped the foul ball up behind him, sending it high into the stands.

That’s when DiMarco played fielder, much to her own surprise.

“It bounced from behind me. I was trying to catch it all, and it landed in my cup,” DiMarco told

Everyone around her encouraged her to drink the beer as her friend laughed and filmed her with her smartphone — just another average night turned viral at one of America’s great ballparks.

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