Americans Speak Up: ‘I Could Care Less What These So-Called Actors Think’

Everyday people are so done with Hollywood hypocrites: 'Nothing will take away our president's victory, and you look like fools'

Regular people across this country — the men and women who keep our economy humming, who work in our factories, who toil in our offices, who raise children and pay taxes and honor the flag and pray to God and care about our nation — don’t exactly adore modern Hollywood right now.

As most liberal Hollywood stars these days produce less and less original content and engage in more and more political preaching — while shaming their potential fans for thinking differently from them — there’s not a whole lot of good the mainstream wing of the entertainment industry is offering today.

To get an idea of how many Americans are responding to the shenanigans of Hollywood liberals, just take a look at some of these social media reactions to pop culture’s biggest stories of late.

In response to Jim Carrey’s negative spin of the historic meeting between President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, one LifeZette follower on Facebook commented, “Work away, little men, work away! Nothing will take away our president’s victory, and you will make yourselves look like fools.”

Another responded, “Jim Carrey is nuttier than squirrel pooh. Carrey needs to be committed to a mental hospital.”

And yet another said, “Wasn’t he in ‘Dumb and Dumber’? That explains it!!!!”

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The Jim Carrey story hasn’t been the only topic lighting a fire in the belly of Americans. In response to a story about late-night host Stephen Colbert’s slamming of the Trump-Kim meeting, one Facebook fan wrote, “Roseanne sends a [tweet] in the middle of the night that hardly anyone saw at that time. She apologizes sincerely, but is taken off the air. This a**hole ridicules President Trump nightly, in front of millions of viewers, never apologizes, and lives to continue another night … Why [are] there ‘double standards’…?”

Another said, “Colbert’s show has gone from entertainment to nothing but fake negative news.”

One of the most controversial stories in pop culture in recent days has involved Robert De Niro — and how he went on yet another vulgar anti-Trump rant at Sunday night’s Tony Awards. Americans who love this country did not respond very well to the actor’s tirade.

“This is why I never watch these award shows. I could care less what these so-called actors and actresses think. My president is doing a great job, and I am proud of him,” said one Facebook user.

Another said, “I used to love the award shows. The politics stuff ruined them. Shut up and sing. Wrong place for this.”

One user summed up the state of the Tony Awards by simply saying, “Another award show bites the dust.”

And on other Hollywood liberals and their activities lately, posters also said the following — holding back little:

“These leftist (socialists) have no credibility nor integrity. A newborn child talks more intelligently.”

“I guess if you’re washed up and have no career really going on, you’ve got to do something to get attention.”

“Actors think they are special, but they are not. They are always playing a part. We are seeing the truth about them and not the lie — and it is pretty ugly!”

“It’s time to stop constantly disrespecting the United States and our president. It’s time you go back to trying to be funny.”

“I can’t stand any of them.”

(photo credit, homepage: YouTube/CBS/Tony Awards Productions)

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