Podcaster, comedian and filmmaker Adam Carolla recently gave a straightforward message to recent college graduates: Don’t make things worse.

In a new video for Prager University, Carolla — who is making a movie about today’s college campuses — gave a refreshing commencement speech to those leaving college with a degree and entering the workforce.

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“I hire and fire people like you all the time,” said Corolla, who is 54. “And I’ve seen a pattern with your generation, something I call ‘The Language of Losers.'”

Carolla said younger generations rely too heavily on excuses.

“[Making excuses shows] you either don’t believe what you’re saying and you’re trying to put one over on the guy who signs your checks, or you’re too stupid to have the job in the first place. Either way, you’re out,” he said.

The star of “The Man Show” also gave a little advice about how to keep a job. Instead of letting employers know how you “feel,” it’s far better to make sure you’re performing your job better than the next person can.

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“If you do the job you’re hired to do, and you do it well, your employer will never stop thanking you and lavishing you with ponies, frankincense and myrrh. Now, if you do your job well and you’re not rewarded, someone else will find you and reward you. Believe me, that’s how the universe works,” said Carolla.

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The comedian is no stranger to hard work. In addition to his busy schedule as one of the world’s most popular podcasters, he’s spent time working odd jobs over the years, including carpet cleaner, carpenter, and boxing instructor among other things, all of which he’s explained in his books and in his stage shows.

Carolla’s last bit of advice to college graduates had a personal touch. He admitted that many graduates will end up voting — while others may even become policymakers. With this in mind, the comedian pleaded with them not to take away any more of his freedoms.

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“I used to go to the beach all the time. There was one sign and that sign said, ‘No lighting vans on fire and throwing the homeless into it,'” said Carolla. “Now you go to the beach and the sign looks like a menu from Fuddruckers. It never ends! No football. No fires. No smoking. No alcohol. And now, no Frisbee, or digging, or sandcastles. No dogs.”

He continued, “Don’t be one of those people who adds to the sign at the beach. You be with me, sitting on a folding chair, with a cigar between my lips and a beer between my legs.”

“Now you go to the beach and the sign looks like a menu from Fuddruckers. It never ends!”

The comedian concluded his speech with a blunt message to college students about to enter the world: “Don’t make it worse.”

Carolla runs several successful businesses. Whether one agrees with him or not, perhaps it’s time young people started listening to a man like him instead of to professors who endlessly tout the benefits of safe spaces, trigger warnings, social justice advocacy programs, and political correctness.

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