Trump Calls Waffle House Hero, but There’s a Sticky Reason Opponents Hate It

Here is proof yet again from the Left that the current president can do no 'right' no matter what he does

President Donald Trump took time out of his busy schedule, which included attending to his wife’s ill health and working as the chief executive of the United States, to phone the so-called Waffle House hero, James Shaw Jr. — the man who halted a gunman during a deadly mass shooting three weeks ago.

White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah on Monday described the president’s phone call with Shaw this week.

“The president had a call with James Shaw Jr. to commend his heroic actions and quick thinking last month at a Waffle House in Tennessee,” Shah told reporters. “Mr. Shaw saved lives when he wrestled a gun from an active shooter who had open-fired.”

The Waffle House shooting in Nashville, Tennessee, left four people dead.

Shaw intervened during the atrocity, rushing the gunman and prying the weapon away before the murderer could injure or kill any others.

James Shaw Jr. appeared on CNN in early May and responded to a question by Van Jones on why the president had not yet personally reached out to him.

“I know he has a busy agenda, a busy schedule. Maybe he just hasn’t got around to me. Maybe my time is coming,” he said.

Shaw’s time indeed came on Monday. And it was certainly a decent and kind thing for the president of the United States to do. But that didn’t stop naysayers from accusing the president of personal reasons for declining to call the Waffle House hero, including shopworn allegations of racism.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) appeared on MSNBC and actually floated the accusation that Trump’s supposed aversion to calling Shaw was due to his race. Cohen also tweeted that it “took Trump three weeks to bother to call James Shaw Jr. … I suggested to MSNBC’s Alex Witt that Trump’s ‘slow thinking’ may be due to Shaw’s race.”

Cohen said this past Sunday, “Trump has done nothing. He hasn’t called him, he hasn’t … invited him to the White House, and I have to think that’s because Mr. Shaw isn’t of the race that Mr. Trump appeals to.”

Cohen then later released a statement after Trump’s call to Shaw was reported.

“President Trump finally got around to calling James Shaw Jr. Monday,” the statement read, “and reportedly commended him for his ‘quick thinking’ fully three weeks after the Nashville man disarmed a gunman who had just killed four people, wounded two more and was attempting to reload.”

“Shaw is one of our nation’s cultural heroes,” the statement continued, “and the fact it took the president this long to acknowledge him speaks volumes …”

Other people have piled on the president for the timing of his call to Shaw.

A few commenters wisely helped to provide the context for the timing of Trump’s gesture that others did not.

“President Trump spoke on the phone today [Monday] with James Shaw Jr., the man who disarmed the Waffle House shooter and raised almost $250K for the victims and their families,” the site AJ+ tweeted, adding, “the Waffle House shooting was three weeks ago.”

“Trump speaks with Waffle House hero three weeks after shooting,” The Hill also noted.

But a few commenters wisely helped to provide the context for the timing of Trump’s gesture that the above noted individuals and publications did not.

“He’s probably been a little busy dealing with China, N Korea, Iran, and making America great again. So give the guy a break,” one user commented.

“The president isn’t a little busy? This hero seems humble enough to wait. God bless him,” another remarked.

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Kyle Becker is a content writer and producer with LifeZette.