Sudden Craving for a Slurpee Helped Save a Life

New York paramedic knew her task when a speeding car crashed into a store — 'It's God's hand in our lives,' said witness

When one New York paramedic followed her craving for a cherry Slurpee, she didn’t anticipate she’d save a man’s life along the way.

On May 3, Christiana Corrado of Carmel stopped by a local 7-Eleven in Yorktown Heights for the sweet treat.

She admitted the craving was unusual — she hadn’t wanted the slushy fruit drink since her pregnancy three years ago, News 12 Westchester reported.

“It’s pretty strange to me that all of a sudden, on this day at that moment, I would decide to go to that particular 7-Eleven to obtain one,” Corrado told CBS New York.

Enjoying the warm weather, she soon saw a car “speeding down Route 202” at a busy intersection. The driver soon slammed into a utility pole, which erupted in flames, before the vehicle rolled down a grassy patch of land and into a CVS store.

“The car goes right by my passenger window and I’m following it and I said, “Oh no, that’s not good,'” Corrado told CBS. Making a U-turn and rushing to the scene, she found the male driver unconscious and “slumped over toward the passenger side.”

“When I checked for a pulse, I couldn’t feel any. And he was cyanotic — really, really blue,” she later told News 12.

Accident scene (photo courtesy of Yorktown Heights Volunteer FD’s Facebook page)

Fortunately, the paramedic and EMS instructor knew exactly what to do. Corrado began CPR chest compressions on the victim, as civilian witnesses called 911.

“Hard, fast, and he went from blue to pale to pink, his eyes started to move, then his eyes opened, and he actually started to talk and asked what is going on,” Corrado said.

After two minutes of CPR, the 62-year-old man was revived.″

Empress EMS paramedic Tina Harbach helped transport the man to Westchester Medical Center, and confirmed to News 12 that it was believed the man suffered a heart attack. His condition remains unknown at this time.

No one else was hurt in the crash, and the CVS reopened for business the following afternoon.

CVS customers who witnessed the scene voiced their amazement at Corrado’s intervention, given her craving for a Slurpee.

“It’s God’s hand in our lives,” shopper Nan Gollogy told CBS.

Oddly, May 3 also marked the two-year anniversary of an SUV’s crash into the same CVS, an accident that left two injured, News 12 reported.

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