Maybe we should call him “Bill Nye, the Liberal Pseudo-Science Guy.”

Nye, a scientist and somewhat goofy show host, once taught the biological facts about gender and anatomy. His “facts,” however, have changed as society has gotten more progressive, and his new show is light on science and heavy on progressive social theory.

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In his new Netflix show, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” the TV star hosts an episode called “The Sexual Spectrum.” In it, Nye teaches that gender is not binary but is, as the title implies, “on a spectrum.”

“Female or male, gay or straight, pink or blue — we were taught to see these as binary,” he tells his studio audience. “Now we’re realizing it’s more like a kaleidoscope.”

He adds, without offering any evidence whatsoever, “What makes someone male or female isn’t so clear-cut. By [age] three or four, most kids identify with a gender … and it doesn’t always match the sex they were assigned at birth.”

“And this stuff isn’t just for adults,” he continues. “Parents know this stuff already. Kids explore gender expression, attraction, before they’ve ever heard of a spectrum.”

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And “Hormones can vary wildly … and so can anatomy.”

Anatomy can vary wildly? Really?

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“Some [people] are gay, some are bi, some are asexual, and some” — here he pauses and laughs self-deprecatingly — “will take whatever they can get.”

Movie star Rachel Bloom then performs a dance song, “My Sex Junk.”

Once upon a time, Nye acknowledged scientific fact, and his 1996 science program explained the facts: “Inside each of our cells are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl,” a teenage girl says on the video, reported LifeSiteNews.

“Before you’re born, your mom gives you one of her chromosomes, and your dad gives you one of his. Mom always gives you an X, and if dad gives you an X, too, then you become a girl. But if he gives you his Y, then you become a boy.”

“See, there are only two possibilities: XX, a girl, or XY, a boy,” he said on his old show (video of his old show is currently unavailable).

Now, however, things appear to be far different. And one student (among others) is taking issue with the way a purported scientist is playing fast and loose with undisputed truths.

“The …. kind of bizarre line that Bill Nye often busts out when things get heated is his ‘facts are facts’ spiel,” Nathaniel MacPherson wrote in a post titled “We Need to Talk About Bill Nye” for “Right off the bat it is mind-bogglingly condescending when he implies that people don’t care about facts.”

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This is what is passing for science today. Importantly, even if Nye’s show is meant to be taken with a grain of salt as entertainment, all kids are not sophisticated enough to understand that. Nor should they have to be.

Both Nye and Netflix should have more of a vested interest in arming their audience with facts when they offer a science show — but that doesn’t fit the socially progressive narrative both appear interested in promoting.

“This isn’t science but scientism, the invocation of science in areas where there are legitimate differences of values,” notes an article on Nye’s show in National Review. “‘See, you, me, we’re in this together,’ Nye tells his audience at the outset of the first episode. ‘If we think together and work together, good things are gonna happen.’ This might be a tempting thought to some — ‘Come, join our mob, happiness will ensue!’ But groupthink isn’t science.”

Deirdre Reilly is a senior editor with LifeZette.