Jimmy Kimmel Declares: ‘I May Owe Trump an Apology’

Late-night comic used the 'yanny and laurel' internet phenom as yet another excuse to attack this president

The “Yanny and Laurel” debate has become a social media phenomenon in recent days.

The audio clip has had people debating with energy and passion about which name they hear — and it’s brought to the surface some interesting points about perspective.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, however, saw the clip as yet another opportunity to attack President Donald Trump.

“Everybody has a different take. But ultimately it illustrates that what is real isn’t absolute. What we believe to be true depends on who we are, where we are, how we look at it,” said Kimmel on his program Wednesday night.

He continued, “What’s real to one person might not be real to another person. If that is true, which I now think it is, I may owe Donald Trump an apology. Because maybe this crowd to him [he showed an image of Trump’s inauguration audience] really is bigger than this crowd [showed an image of Obama’s inauguration crowd]. Maybe it’s just perspective.”

When absolutely anything and everything these liberal elites come across goes full circle to Trump and provides another excuse to insult the man — we know they’re caught in a mental storm and can’t see straight.

Leftists like Kimmel need to take a breather from the news and get some perspective.

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PopZette editor Zachary Leeman can be reached at [email protected].