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Emergency on Campus! Conservative Student Group Expresses Its Views

Emergency on Campus! Conservative Student Group Expresses Its Views

I can only imagine the agonizing consternation suffered by a group of liberal snowflakes in late April 2018 at the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA). Somehow, they managed to overcome their disdain for the police and called 911 to have jack-booted thugs — oh, sorry, I mean police officers — respond to their “emergency.”

You have to love it when circumstances force the Left to choose between the lesser of what it sees as two evils: Do we call the police, or allow a crime against humanity to continue unchallenged? I just hope the student who drew the short straw, risking his or her dialing finger spontaneously combusting, was able to retreat to a safe space before suffering irreparable psychological damage.

And what was the emergency grave enough to overcome their loathing of cops? Property damage, a robbery, a sexual assault, maybe even a murder? No, worse — much worse.

A conservative student group, the UTSA chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF), in an affront rarely matched in the annals of historical atrocities, dared to set up an informational table on campus to express its political views. As Col. Kurtz said in the movie “Apocalypse Now,” “The horror … the horror …”

YAF said comedian Steven Crowder’s video [1] series “Change My Mind” inspired them to conduct a “tabling event.” In the videos, Crowder engages and debates people who disagree with him on political issues and challenges them to, well, change his mind.

On a whiteboard appeared the topic: “Hate Speech is Free Speech.” Mike LaChance, posting on legalinsurrection.com [2], wrote that this topic is particularly sensitive on campus because last fall someone hung what appeared to be a white supremacist banner and this spring posted flyers.

On a large white cloth banner, posted on an elevated platform, stenciled in black letters was “America is our Birthright” and “Patriot Front Bloodandsoil.org.”

Not too long ago, I wrote an article [3] about how often these “racist” incidents turn out to be hoaxes. I can’t say I know for sure these UTSA incidents were false reports. However, I can say my b.s. detectors triggered “high alert.” Many university campuses, including the U.S. Air Force Academy, have been victims of such racial bias hoaxes [4].

Campus Reform reported [5] that following the discovery of the banner, and with the safety of the campus and students in mind, obviously, Antifa demanded campus police be disarmed. Of course, the cops are a part of the problem, right? I mean, the police probably hung the banner. Other campus groups called for the campus to shut down the police force within six months. And the campus administration oppresses conservative student groups while it lauds leftist groups?

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Tweaked by what leftists believe to be the aforementioned white supremacist actions, and conflating those actions with pamphlets distributed by conservative luminary David Horowitz’ Freedom Center, for which the university banned the group from campus, the university enacted an initiative called “Campus Climate [7].” Ostensibly, in the interest of student “safety,” the edict allows students to report incidents they believe involve bias.

After the YAF set up their informational table, a UTSA administrator approached and remarked that the group’s whiteboard violated UTSA’s exhibit policy. The staff member asserted that UTSA is a “limited free speech” campus, and the group had no right to conduct the exhibit. Not surprisingly, the university employee could not cite the specific policy the YAF had supposedly violated.

The cops did what they do when no crime has been committed: They left.

And, if that weren’t enough, the YAF event hadn’t been underway 10 minutes before a nearby leftist student group, composed of LGBT snowflakes also conducting an informational tabling event, actually called the cops.

Again, overcoming their leftist revulsion for a police department so many groups like theirs want disarmed or disbanded, one member, displaying uncommon bravery, dialed those three repulsive digits.

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I suppose they expected the police officers would act as their personal social justice Gestapo and use the force of law to halt the YAF’s free speech rights. Knock down their display, set it on fire, or blow it up, and then drag those nasty free speech-lovers away kicking and screaming to some political re-education camp.

According to LaChance, unremarkably, because cops understand the Bill of Rights, having to apply it in the real world every day, “The officers confirmed over radio that YAF was by no means violating UTSA policy.” Then the cops did what they do when no crime has been committed: They left.

That’s what the lefty snowflakes get for calling the police: The truth!

Steve Pomper is an OpsLens contributor and retired Seattle police officer. He has served as a field training officer on the East Precinct Community Police Team, and as a precinct mountain bike coordinator. He has a BA in English language and literature. This OpsLens piece is used by permission.

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