Actress Alyssa Milano is promoting a “day of mourning” ahead of the upcoming National Rifle Association Convention, which is being held May 4-6 in Dallas, Texas.

“On Friday, @NoRA4USA will hold a Day of Mourning. We will share the names of those under 18 who lost their lives to gun violence this year. It will take ten hours to complete. #NoRA #KidsKilledByGuns,” the actress tweeted on Tuesday.

Milano has also been promoting a protest against the NRA convention through her Twitter account.

Both President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence reportedly will attend the convention.

What exactly do those on the Left think they’ll accomplish with protests like these? They’ll simply show up, make their stance known, listen to no one who disagrees with them — and rush back to their echo chambers of information.

If celebrities like Milano are so interested in the issue of gun violence, then perhaps instead of a protest, they should put together an event at which they speak and debate in a civil manner with others who disagree with them — and are in similar positions within their industry.

We need more discussion and conversation in this country, especially about issues on which two sides have stances that are so vastly different.