Ace Hardware Clerks Foil a Heroin Overdose in Michigan

Three quick-thinking men used the store's own wares to extricate a desperate woman from a parked car

Three employees at the Great Lakes Ace Hardware store in Jackson, Michigan, saved the life of a woman who allegedly overdosed on heroin.

Lisa Huff, one of three employees responsible for saving the woman, first noticed she was slumped over in her car in the store’s parking lot.

Two of her fellow co-workers, Cody Brigham and Joe Bommarito, also noticed the woman, WILX-TV reported.

After they called 911, Brigham used a crowbar to pry the woman’s car window open and then dragged her out. Then, as they waited for help to arrive, Bommarito performed CPR.

“It looked like she was gone. We thought she was gone,” Bommarito later told WILX-TV.

Paramedics then treated the woman for a heroin overdose, according to the news station.

The incident occurred on Monday, a day after Mother’s Day.

“That’s somebody’s daughter,” Bommarito said. “Thank God she didn’t lose her daughter, and if she had kids, thank God they didn’t lose their mother.”

“These are our neighbors around here. No matter what the situation is, we want to help them out.”

“These are our neighbors around here. No matter what the situation is, we want to help them out. Joe was awesome with the chest compression, and the teamwork on the inside,” said Brigham, who added that “it’s one of those things where human nature kicks in.”

Jackson County Sheriff’s Sgt. Cullen Knoblauch said the three employees should be called heroes for helping the woman.

“They definitely went above and beyond what their job duties are. They saw a person in need and acted without even thinking about their safety,” he said, according to the news station.

The woman is expected to recover.

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Knoblauch was not immediately available for comment when contacted by Fox News on Wednesday. A spokesperson for Ace Hardware has not yet returned Fox News’ request for comment.

This Fox News piece is used by permission.

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