‘Strange’ Comey ABC Interview No Surprise, Former G-Man Says


‘Strange’ Comey ABC Interview No Surprise, Former G-Man Says

Retired FBI executive James Kallstrom was not impressed by his old boss during nationally televised media conversation

Former FBI Director James Comey compared President Donald Trump to a mob boss, declared him unfit for office, and portrayed himself as the great defender of the agency’s institutional integrity in a much-anticipated, nationally televised interview Sunday.

James Kallstrom, a former assistant director of the bureau, was not impressed.

Comey (pictured above) exposed himself in his sit-down with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Kallstrom said Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

“I wasn’t surprised, Laura, ’cause … he’s such a strange person,” he said. “You know, I’ve been talking about it for almost two years now … The guy’s got an ego, you know, as long as the Jersey Turnpike, and that ego … the lack of common sense … really speaks volumes of why he is where he’s at.”

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Kallstrom said Comey “isolated” the “so-called investigation” of 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over her handling of classified information as secretary of state.

He said Comey had “a bunch of sycophants around him” who steered the probe away from any possibility of criminal charges.

“This was the great crusader who put Martha Stewart in jail and [former vice presidential chief of staff] Scooter Libby, treated him so outrageously bad … and left at least 12 major felonies … on the table for Clinton and the Clinton Foundation,” he said.

Kallstrom gave Comey no credit for reopening the Clinton investigation 11 days before the 2016 election. Clinton has blamed that for her defeat. But Kallstrom said Comey could not have done otherwise after law enforcement investigators discovered Clinton’s emails on the laptop of former Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Had Comey tried to sit on that development, he would not have been able to conceal it, Kallstrom said.

“He came out in October, Laura, because the NYPD was familiar with Weiner’s laptop and they were going to go public with it,” he said. “So he really had no choice.”

Kallstrom said the Clinton probe was a “sham investigation” that included sweetheart immunity deals for most of the witnesses, no grand jury, and a memo clearing Clinton that was written a month before the official decision.

Plus, Kallstrom added, the FBI’s interview with the candidate was a “joke” that violated normal procedures.

“I mean, the whole room was full of contributors to her,” he said.

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No one should have been surprised, though, Kallstrom said.

“Anyone who thought that [Barack] Obama was gonna allow Hillary Clinton to be indicted is, you know, foolish,” he said. “Or moronic. Just has no idea. That was never gonna happen.”

Comey then thought he could “pull one over on the American people” when he gave a news conference in summer 2016 announcing that there would be no criminal charges, Kallstrom said.

“It was musical chairs,” he said. “You know, and when the band stopped, Comey was left without a chair.”

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