17 ‘Seinfeld’ Episodes That Could Never Air Today

Could these controversial comedy sketches ever be released in 2018's PC times? Scroll through this slideshow and judge for yourself!

“The Outing” — Season 4

When an NYU reporter erroneously outs Jerry as gay and George as his intimate and longtime companion, Jerry spends the rest of the episode going to extreme lengths to prove he’s straight. “Not that there’s anything wrong with” being gay, he says — which is still recalled today.

“The Implant” — Season 4

When Jerry starts dating a woman from his gym, Elaine tells him the woman has fake breasts. Jerry dumps the girlfriend because of her supposed plastic surgery — only to find out Elaine now thinks she’s wrong and that the woman’s cleavage is real. Jerry decides to take her back — only to be dumped himself when the woman finds out about his schemes. “They’re real, and they’re spectacular!” she (played by Teri Hatcher) says in triumph.

“The Handicap Spot” — Season 4

George persuades Kramer to park in a spot for those who are handicapped, but a disabled woman is injured as a result of the illegal move. Kramer assumes handicapped people don’t drive — “if they could drive, then they wouldn’t be a handicap.” Elaine asks, “If you can drive, you aren’t handicapped?” Kramer responds, “Handicapped people want to be treated like everybody else” — and George supports the argument, affirming feminists are the same way. (Whoa!)