Joy Behar to Meghan McCain: You Have ‘No Sense of Humor’

The two co-hosts — one liberal, one conservative — again sparred on 'The View,' this time over a joke at the expense of first lady Melania Trump

“The View” co-host Joy Behar seems to enjoy nothing more than going after the president and anyone and everyone around him.

In a recent exchange on the daytime television show regarding the controversial Stormy Daniels and her alleged past relationship with Donald Trump, Behar chimed in and said, “And today is Melania [Trump’s] birthday. Happy birthday, Melania!”

Conservative co-host Meghan McCain — who often gets into verbal bouts with Behar — thought the timing of the joke was really, really wrong.

“Oh, that was unnecessary. Come on! That’s so mean,” she said.

Behar eventually accused McCain of having “no sense of humor” — to which McCain scoffed and said Behar was making a joke of the first lady’s potential “pain.”

It’s not easy being a conservative voice on “The View,” especially with a co-host like Behar, who has even admitted before to going too far in her criticism of conservatives.

McCain, however, has proven time and time again that she is willing to stand her ground and push back when necessary. She is a much-needed voice on that program.

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